Doubt kills your brand creative juices

Every human is creative, an artist. Even so, your legacy need not be a painting in the Louvre. Perhaps more simple but just as beautiful, your legacy can be a shared smile with everyone you meet. Corny, maybe, but true.

Creatives, artists, and visionaries invent, innovate and re-interpret reality. You have the ability to change perspectives, shift thoughts, and entertain. Your world is full of beauty and meaning which you’re eager to share, so you can both make and be the change. You enhance the human experience, and I dare to say, the whole planet, as you connect with everything you touch.

With this gift comes doubt, which includes the fear of being mediocre, judgment and the well known cliche: failure. You are warned not to go after your dream or you’ll be a penniless starving artist.

Really?! Who said so? I wish I had a magic checklist, the one that could make all your doubts go away. But, as a creative like you, there’s no fooling us, because we know better. Life and humans, especially the most creative of us, are complex. There are no checklists for us. Unless, perhaps, it’s custom made. Some things are true, though, to help you with that sneaky doubt:

1) surround yourself with supportive people who know you, understand you and provide reliable knowledge that resonates with your vision and purpose;

2) feed your mind with gratitude. It’s all about mindset.

You’re the best! I know it! I want you to know it. And, Branding Collective specializes in one of a kind: YOU!

Schedule a free brand rescue session here to speak with us about wrapping up your gifts, passion, unique creativity and message into a beautiful brand that will leave your doubt running for the hills, or connect for the fun.

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