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Who knew coffee would become so famous and a much-needed part of everyday life in the modern world! I don’t survive on coffee nor does my motivation depend on it but I do like coffee a lot, it’s my favorite morning drink.You see, the reason I love coffee is not the coffee itself, but the infectious memories associated with it. It brings out my romantic side as you can feel throughout this post! 🙂

While growing up, it was so good to spend a significant part of my holidays with my grandparents. It was an unspoken rule; they would give me everything to which my parents would typically say: absolutely not!They had a garden with lots of flowers, a backyard with vegetables and herbs and trees, dogs, chickens, as well as rabbits that I could pet and feed. I always felt on top of the world with them!

Going back to the coffee story. My grandfather usually woke up before everyone else, and the very first thing he made was coffee. It was a ritual for him; no fancy machines were used, just good coffee from Brazil or Africa made the old-fashioned way.Thanks to that, I link coffee’ heady, intoxicating aroma to waking up to a world wrapped in warmth, sweet and kind eyes, welcoming me to the new day, telling me that I’m loved for who I am. I was filled with joy to be alive back then, and I still am. And that’s what I want to share every day.

At the time, I had no idea I was going to end up helping people develop online brands, especially not after an academic career as a biologist! There wasn’t an “online world” back then anyway (yes, I’m that old :)) and the ocean of opportunities that it brings for those who decide to embrace it with elegance and vision.

Branding is a difficult concept to grasp; it’s all about emotions, feelings, perceptions, it almost feels impossible to control. However, you can control your business branding by creating a personality based on your story. The only option is to own who you are, your story, the good moments and the bad that shape what you feel and do throughout the years. Like my grandfather did for me. Till this day the best thing I can ever offer is the warm, welcoming feeling of being loved. All wrapped up in flowers, raw, no-BS, me, naked.

I urge you to be YOU, even if it scares you, even if you don’t have the whole story together just yet. That’s life, the journey, embracing possibilities and as Brene Brown says, “daring greatly,” with your vulnerabilities makes us humans, approachable.

If you currently have some “things” on your website that don’t resonate with you, replace them with something meaningful to you. Maybe you have an annoying pop-up just because they are trendy, which have words that are part of someone else’s story. Why not try one less intrusive with the message that connects with your clients. Less annoying pop-ups are a must, especially on the mobile version.

Your website must be pleasant, a beautiful experience for the users, making “big Google” happy too. That blue/yellow color combo? Drop it, stinks of 90’s  style marketing. Replace it with colors that speak to you. Maybe an amethyst inspires you, or white flowers, or a dog because it reminds you of those unique moments that only you can offer to your clients. These need to come out.

Can you please do it, for yourself? The more you share what you are, the more you attract the people you crave; they feel you, they get you and love you, with your past, present, and future. Isn’t it marvelous, aren’t YOU marvelous?

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