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A great challenge goes a long way, a great challenge with a fantastic and supportive coach changes your life! Today, I’m sharing the love for this rockstar health/lifestyle coach Beca Sanderson I met on Instagram a few months ago.

I strongly recommend that you take her smoothie challenge and connect with her, she’s very knowledgeable, fun, delicious. For the first time, I added one of my favorites to my smoothies, avocado and loved it. Beca also sends you goodies in the mail for you to try, with beautiful thank you cards and a personal note, the power of a great brand/client experience.

And then we went on to co-create a new brand together; it’s gorgeous. Beca Sanderson’s new logo screams class in each line and stroke. The combination of black and gold is to die for. Quality never goes out of style, know what I mean? 

And, it’s not only “the logo,” we co-create, infusing Beca’s new style in all the possible touching points of the brand to build a cohesive identity, from the business card, thank you card, social media kit, website and the e-book.

Take charge of your health with Beca’s simple, sincere and sustainable method.  After all, you must nurture and feed your body to live elegantly and with style. She does just that, and so much more.

Check her new brand and website here. It’s clean, minimalist and an invitation for great conversations, like the ones we have when preparing our meals and talk about experiences and life in general, and, not forgetting the good laughs.

Feeling fortunate to connect with people that inspire me every day with what they do. Thank you, Beca!

A sneak peak of the new brand below, let us know your thoughts and don’t forget: Beca’s ready to help you live the life you deserve and want, the healthy way:)

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