A note about living your true colors

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Living your life according to what you are and believe it’s not a piece of cake, never has been and will never be, regardless of what gurus say. Authenticity is the new black. Following your intuition to make your dreams happen and being your most genuine and raw self can be terrible. You struggle within, your private team of naysayers is pointing at you to make you stop. You are challenged by your family and friends who say: Are you crazy or something? Yeah, or something …

All of these things happened to me when I made the decision of quitting my academic job to pursue my passion for making people feel and look stunning, and authentic through online branding. But, what choice do youhave but to keep going? The journey hasn’t been easy, but I’m grateful for the support of my hubby, friends and a few coaches.

Along the journey, someone wise said to me one day: your life is your message. You’re showing your kid (and others), with actions, that if he wants and decides, he can be and do whatever he wants. No one needs to be stuck in a place of unhappiness; you can change your destiny, even if you fail, rise and rise again.

These are my words to you to too: Your life is your message and the only one worth living. It’s not about living in la-la land; you must feel right about it, do the work and live up to the responsibilities. Even if you feel awkward, imperfect, have that hot mess feeling of not knowing what you’re doing – the imperfect legacy!

So, tell me, beautiful, what was a major life change you’ve been through? What are your best supporters? Let’s support each other’s dreams and spread gratitude for the ones that love you for what you are.

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