Undress your food to love your body

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Growing up chubby I know this subject of “body shaming” very well! Some people rarely call you by your name; you’re another persona: “the chubby.” Some days you don’t really care, other days those words do hurt a lot.

Worse, you see ads popping up everywhere with the next “must have” diet or product, promising a quick solution to losing weight and finally be in that “oh so perfect body.”

But, instead of feeling good, a bit of your soul is taken because your body doesn’t turn out exactly how you wish. It leads to shame; we believe we are wrong, awkward and then we hide, stop enjoying life and ourselves.

But, the winds of changes are blowing, finally, and more and more people are coming together to ditch the dated preconceived values of body perfection, kill shame and honoring every size, shape or form. After all, if you’re on the beach, you already have a beach body? And, that body is meant to have fun, baby!

I still have to pinch myself to believe that I got to help chef Eva McLaurin create the Food Undress brand. It was born from Eva’s vision of making the world different than the one we live in today.

It’s a movement to empower you to be what you are and not what others expect from you, which is a cause that speaks directly to many of you and me. It’s not about losing weight and fitting in the skinny jeans just for the sake of it but to change from the inside, accepting and love your body, stopping the crazy dieting, being healthy and happy by living a plant-based lifestyle.

The whole brand is sophisticated, intuitive and fun, just like a woman. We created a series of themed e-books ranging from mindset to recipes, you can check it out here.The recipes are simple, nutritious, and stunning (you eat with your eyes), to inspire you, keep you motivated and all in. The intention is to feel joy in eating without damaging what is most precious and authentic to you because you already are fabulous.Thanks, Eva, kudos beautiful woman, you rock #loveyourbody movement.

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