An old-new way of nurture your body

Neglecting your body is dangerous, don’t you think? You sometimes learn it the hard way, I’ve been close to burning out so many times that I can count, and it’s no fun.

However, it’s useless feeling shame or regrets about it. Instead, it is essential to acknowledge what must improve moving forward and take consistent and conscious action to reclaim your health, feel good in your body and live the best way possible.

In the journey for health and self-expression, the best decision I made was to nurture my body with yummy, high-quality food for the most part (occasional french fries and a few other pleasures are allowed without guilt) and connect deeply with the process of making the food we eat at home (from the farmer’s market to the table).

After all, if the body isn’t energized and strong how we can succeed in business and life? If the body isn’t stimulated and strong how we can express our brilliance boldly and unapologetically?

Only then our personal life and business have the ingredients to thrive.

If you enter the healthy pathway nowadays, you hear about the trends like smoothies and juices. Nothing wrong with those, but despite being delicious and nutritious, after a while I really got bored with it.

When Madeline, Jennifer and I started co-creating the brand for “Elixir Crafting for Women’s Hormone Balance – an online course,” the philosophy behind it all, craft, art, and magic got me hooked in the first 30 min of our brainstorm session! And, these two women are so good at what they do, you don’t want to miss this!

Elixirs combine modern nutrition with ancient herbal wisdom to inspire a long-term healthy life. It is science and art, alchemy in our modern age! With this vision in mind, we used symbols of old traditions such as the mortar and pestle in the logo, as frequently used by apothecaries. As a side note, I found interesting that even I used it to grind leaves and extract DNA for plant research in my past career, everything is indeed connected, isn’t it?

For a modern and feminine look, the mortar is filled with flowers, symbolizing creativity and beauty. And, the fuchsia/lilac combo and watercolors are to die for!!!!! Balance, harmony, fluidity, intuition, profound yet practical spirituality. The bottom line is that “Elixir Crafting” is a brilliant online course, and the brand created couldn’t exist without this fundamental experience. See more of the brand identity here.

If you’re curious about elixirs and want to transform your life with new ideas, self-care, and healing practices, connect with Natural Hormone Healing to learn more. Madeline and Jennifer are a delight and very supportive in providing the best guidance. Sending love, girls, it was an honor to collaborate with you, wishing you the well-deserved success with this new transformational course!

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