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A huge shout out is in order. One of the things I can’t live without is my clients, they inspire me every single day, and I am fortunate to support them in their mission. This brand reveals it is long overdue.

Let’s talk about Dr. Erika Austin, a lifestyle coach, rocking and breaking the rules in the world of nutrition and helping entrepreneurs having mindset leaps.

A Little Background

I met Erika on Instagram, and we immediately connected at a deeper level without too many words exchanged in the beginning.

Maybe because we have a similar background, Erika has a Ph.D. in Sociology and was a professor before she quit and started her business on helping high-achievers women be healthy with ease.

Or maybe because we share a similar vision or, most importantly, the courage of this beautiful woman touched and humbled me big time. Or perhaps all of these?

New Beginnings

Erikas’ story is a story of love, loss, grief, courage and rising above, simply and authentically. She lost her love when she was 26, and the excruciating pain led her into a spiritual journey to understand life’s sacredness. From here, she unleashed her own potential, along with the gift for helping others do the same. Let’s get real. As Erika says:

“How many of us want to feel amazing in our own skin? In our clothes? In our relationships? In our everyday life?”

Are you raising your hand? I am here with you, I want that too! The truth is that society wires us to be perfect in a certain way which is not our own. We must have an ideal body and life that are not our own, it’s bored from what’s accepted, or that makes us believe it’s right. Bottom line, we all want to be loved, how we look physically is important, but beauty is not unidimensional, you are beautiful the way you are, physical is part of it, but there’s so much more, mind, soul, spirit.

Erika learned this most challenging way. But she never gave up and put what she learned into service of others. She developed the LIFT method to help women like you and me going from frumpy, overwhelmed and confused to strong and empowered.

LIFT Explained

LIFT is simple – LIF=T:

L=Lift heavy things+

I=Intermittent Fasting+

F=Flexible eating+ =

T=Transformation – Free your mind, love your body, live a life you love Lift uses a combination of intermittent fasting, macros, intuitive eating, strength training, and mindset work to guide you thru a fitness journey which is a gateway to physical, emotional and mental strength.

What I love about Erika’s message is that it’s not only for fit sporty girls. If a nerdy mom / former professor like Erika can do it, I believe I can do it too, and so do you!

Introducing Zen & Toned

When Erika and I started working together on her brand, the first gut feeling was to make Erika shine with her story, mission and vision, all the rest graphic-wise must be simple, raw, capturing the firm yet tender energy of Erika.

Are you an ocean /beach lover? Yep, that’s it, when you go to the beach, you see the mighty ocean, that adapts, rise above, then the tenderness of the white sand, the relaxing feeling of the sky and the horizon. The beach inspires the brand identity, yellow and hues of blue, representing the ocean and the sun, showcasing keywords such as strong, confident, balanced, smart, successful. Yet, it is still cozy and inviting! I believe that this is Erika in a nutshell as well as all people that are lucky to work with her.

We used yellow, and hues of blue, energy and peaceful energy, hearts for love and kindness, sun rays and Blairs, but everything was done so simple, clean, healthy, Erika strong! The logo is classic, mixing a custom script for softness and personality and a sans serif for modern and structure. The other brand elements, such as patterns, are extensions of that, featuring the sun and hearts. You can see for yourself here.

Let’s support Erika in her journey to ditch the overwhelm and get centered, toned and strong with ease. If you want to skyrocket your energy, never ever diet again, experience unlimited motivation and feel amazing in your body and with your life, Erika’s your girl. And, she has a brand to support her vision, and it’s so much fun.

All the juicy details of Erika’s brand is here.

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