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I vividly remember the first time I discovered Christina Dunbar’s thought-provoking performances.

It was a typical evening; complete with your Netflix shows and long timeline scrolls. Who would have ever thought that that day I would encounter an artist with so much passion that it would instantly ignite a fiery desire in my soul?

My First Encounter

I first came across Christina in a random Facebook post. The post caught my attention in a way that was different from the usual chuckles experienced when passing the time on social media.

The post described Christina Dunbar’s desire to kick start her one-woman show “Dirty Me Divine.” The post included a brief description of the show and some accompanying artwork to keep readers engaged.

Touching My Soul

Instantly I was overcome with a feeling of power entering my body. It was as if her artwork had reached into the depths of my soul. I can remember thinking to myself “This woman is doing some kickass art. Everything about it was so bold, courageous, and inspirational. I was awestruck.”

As I continued my research on this unique individual, I was surprised to learn that Cristina is not only a performer but also coaches women’s healing. Her classes help women gain a sense of pride. They include subjects such as being rogue, and how to embrace your full creative potential. Most importantly, Christina focuses on the healing process.

I Must Work With Her to help spread her message

At that moment I was overcome with only one thought – “I HAD to design her websites.” And, so we did.

The experience was intense and beautiful. We laughed together, we cried, together, most importantly, we unleashed our creative juices to break the rules and create two gorgeous digital pieces of art, aka, websites.

In retrospective, the whole process went far beyond a simple design. We told Cristina’s epic story. We delved deep into our souls and got in touch with that unique inner core that every artist dreams of showcasing to the world. Together, we shared her life experiences in a visual way that is as authentic at Christina herself. This project was a full expression of her soul, without any distractions.

My Inspiration

Since discovering this amazing woman, Christina has been an endless source of inspiration for me. She helped to show me that divinity is the expression of yourself, through your art, while embracing your vulnerability.

Ever since we met, I’ve witnessed Christina doing just that, putting herself out there for the betterment of all women. Currently, she offers a variety of programs:

• She takes the Stage – This program is a mentorship to activate your voice, visibility, and artistry by writing and performing your story.

• RED – This workshop is a performance workshop space, creative think-tank, and sisterhood circle for female artists + performers.

• Miss-behave – In this show, Christina highlights stories we’re not supposed to talk about. Here she exposes the reality of life in LA.

• Dirty me Divine – This is Christina’s latest program. In this show, she takes her talents to the next level and proves that she is the master of the “one-woman show.”

I suspect that the next stop for Christina is THE UNIVERSE, but she will never stop. I think she summed up her artistic style perfectly in her own words – “She Is Divinity in Motion.”

A personal brand.
How Christina lives her art.

I am
A soul that wants to express and feel and love and commune.

What I’m not
Someone that associates with any one group or circle of people.Essential word

Your favorite quote
“I want to be all used up when I die” (George Bernard Shaw)

Your favorite human
Uhm, oooh, I don’t have one… so many humans I love, there is no favorite, but I will say that my most precious group of beloveds include my husband, my sister, and her kids, my mama, my papa, and my small circle of witchy artist women that see me and get me fully.

Things I love
The smell of flowers in the spring, the sound of poetry, the taste of cinnamon and chocolate, the feeling of bliss and flow.

Your soul craves

Art that has moved me
First thing that comes to mind: words of Audrey Lorde.

My favorite flower
Roses. I buy them for myself weekly.

Greatest accomplishment
Loving myself enough to face my fear of being more; more visible, more vocal, and more confident in myself as an Artist. Putting up my one-woman show is one of my greatest achievements.

Movies that have defined me
I will never ever forget watching Beasts of The Southern Wild. At the time that I saw it, my father’s death was a fresh wound in my body and this movie, which is pure poetry magic, cut me deep. I sat in the theatre and sobbed (like ugly cry sobbed) as I watched parts of it. I wanted to scream and just let the pain out of my body. It was beautiful and heart-breaking. It was cathartic. It was healing. It allowed me to grieve. It was about life and death and nature and the imagination of a little girl, and it was exquisite.

Sacred is
This life is sacred to me. I am always searching for how to feel the most alive, create adventure, embrace and trust the unknown, connect to nature, love harder, feel it all, nurture what makes my heart sing and make this precious life of mine feel like a work of art.

Most ridiculous purchase that I ever made
I went to go see the same PINK concert twice in two different states. Not sure if this is ridiculous, but it was the first thing that came to mind. And it was totally worth it for my artist soul.

My idea of a disastrous first date
It’s been so long since I went on a first date!! But I kinda feel like I go on dates when I meet new people and the worst is when someone has on that mask: trying to impress or angle. I need depth. And comedy. I love layers and vulnerability and soul to soul connection. That’s how I roll, so anything surface doesn’t do it for me.

What’s working on my wardrobe
I’m into accessories. Bold rings and dark nail polish are my things right now.

A personal brand.
Christina’s story.

A Galactic superstar of Divine inspiration birthed into a world of conformity, she has escaped to the universe of creativity. Now a fugitive and outspoken performance junkie; addicted to truth-freaking and story-telling. A lover of sisterhood, liberating badassery by example.

Christina Dunbar is an actress, poet, and performer who’s been called “sexy, soulful, and funny all rolled into one.” As a sought-after spoken word artist and speaker she’s been featured on Business Heroine, Girl Talk HQ, and Awaken The Rebel LIVE.

When Christina isn’t performing, she’s mentoring other artists and messengers. Christina is the creator of She Takes The Stage, a program for women ready to step into the spotlight with their story. She has produced and directed shows that have graced the Bootleg, Whitefire and CAP theaters in LA. For more on Christina and how to work with her check

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