Are you in the entrepreneur health rut?

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I’ll start again on Monday.
I’ll start again on the first of the month.
I’ll wait until Christmas/Thanksgiving/pick your holiday is over.

The entrepreneur rut of health and wellness

So many excuses. So many reasons to not start over. When you are tired of your diet, your workout plan, your impact on your health, you will always find reasons to do something new, while self-sabotaging your plans. It’s what we humans do when we’re busy. We get lazy with our health, and before you know it, you hate the way your body looks and feels.

You’re feeling sluggish, out of sync, and bloated. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to stay healthy, you’re eating well and you’re working out, then someone suggests some tacos/nachos, which then leads to cocktails. And cocktails lead to 1 am hangover food. So, you spend the weekend eating and recovering (McDonald’s now delivers, FYI), and you say, “I’ll start again on Monday.”

Then, during the week, if things are not running smoothly, as a home-based Entrepreneur, I live close to a fridge, cravings, and stress can be your enemy. That’s my story, too; it’s a rut of health and wellness. It is hard.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Robin

Here’s the thing. Jim Robin has it right. You get one body, which means you get one shot to live a long, healthy, and active life. It’s your choice to feed your body greasy foods that have a knock-on effect on your self-worth and self-esteem, or it’s your choice to live a nutritionally balanced life with plenty of water, sleep, and exercise.

The keywords there: your choice. And, it can include a bit of mindful indulgence too, once in a while (hello, chocolate, I am looking at you). No one can make those decisions except you, and this feeds into every avenue of your life.

Your Brand deserves nothing but you

The truth is that you are you’re a brand, how you came to be who you are right now? That’s your branding. It’s the compelling personal story that puts you into the world so you can shine your light wherever you go. Without the connection between mind, body, and soul, you can feel disconnected from your own story in the most authentic voice that you have.

We’ve all been there. We need a jolt, a shock, a push to get it together and be the person we are SUPPOSED to be, not the one we wish we were. When it happens, when you slip and fall down, your confidence is knocked. If that occurs as part of your personal story, you end up bringing that fall, that confidence hit, into your business. And that just will not do. I’ll let you in on a little secret: it does not have to be this hard. Life is only as hard as you make it, and while there is very little you can control about life – such as climate change, the economy going to pot, the fact that Cadbury’s chocolate tastes vile now – you CAN control the way you treat your body.

Hungryroot: Recharge, Refocus, Return

There are plenty of healthy choices around in the world in front of you, but when you find Hungryroot, you’ll see the benefits of looking for something new. It can assist you with recharging and refocusing, returning happily to the life of energy and sass that you love the best. You can enjoy yourself better, be a better version of yourself, and do it with enthusiasm. Hungryroot is a business that relies on high standards with its plant-based magic.

They offer branding that remains fun, elegant, and enticing, and the products that they have on offer are as holistic and nutritious as they come. With their brand comes encouragement,and if you encountered a brand that promised holistic healing on the inside and out while providing you with little notes of motivation in the packaging, wouldn’t you be sold??

Finding a company that cares about your health not only makes you feel instantly secure and willing to learn more, but it takes strength to care about your health, too. Hungryroot is a brand of fresh and easy to prepare foods, and they want to help you to make it convenient and straightforward. Healthy meals don’t have to be challenging to make, and you deserve the very best for your health.

They want to inspire you to eat better, which will lead to you feeling better. They taste test their own food, which means that you can guarantee that you’re going to enjoy delicious, clean-eating food products that you’ll feel from top to toe. And, did I mentioned that you add more ingredients and mix and match? More points by nurturing your creativity, it is fun!

Hungryroot makes everything as plant-centric as possible, with no funky names that you cannot pronounce. Their brand message is precisely what you need when you’re stuck in a health rut, and it’s going to be something that will fill you with only the good stuff, and none of the processed. And, not even mention the time saved on shopping, priceless! It’s time to embrace your health: are you ready? Hungryroot is!

PS: I don’t take recommending a brand lightly; I love this stuff. Give it a try here and received use the custom promo code 25OFF2OLGA and receive $25 off two boxes ($50 off total!). Neat!

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