Three reasons why a Brand-on-Tap is for you!

Your brand is so much more than a pretty logo, a clever slogan, and a handful of catchy soundbites. Your business is your brand.

Your brand gives your business a voice, a personality, an identity, and a soul. It’s how your business communicates with the world around it through a language that transcends words and uses a visual vocabulary of colors, shapes, space, and semiotics.

Get your branding right, and you make instant headway with existing customers and new prospects alike. Your logo becomes a visual shorthand for the qualities and ideals that you want your business to embody. Get it wrong, however, and your business can fade into obscurity with the other also-rans clamoring to make their voices heard.

Get to know me. Get to know Brands-on-Tap

Before I can talk to you about Brands-on-Tap, I think it’s essential that we get to know one another. After all. The best branding is about personality and connection.

The fast-paced and competitive world of business, whether it takes place online or in the real world, tragically allows little room for genuine engagement.

As a personal brand, you want to avoid a barren landscape with a saccharine gloss of artificial personality that people can’t really engage with or relate to. But it can be different. It can be better. And

when you create the kind of branding that resonates with audiences and creates a genuine connection with them… you’ll find that lasting customer loyalty is the inevitable consequence.

Whether you’re looking for a brand overhaul, or simply shopping around for new ideas, here are 3 good reasons why Brand-on-Tap is for you.

1- It’s fast, headache and anxiety-free

You don’t want to wait around for results. Neither do you want to go back and forth endlessly, chewing on your nails as you wait for a new design to come through.

Brand-on-Tap is an experience designed with your needs in mind. I know how busy you are and how much of your time, effort, and attention you can reasonably be expected to spare on any given day.

Trust me to bring out the beauty in your brand without headaches and hassle.

2- It’s unique and customized to your unique personality and business having your audience in mind

There are no cookie-cutter approaches here. I won’t daub a coat of hipster-friendly gloss on your existing branding then disappear to count my money. I’ll always take the time to get to know your business and everything that makes it unique and beautiful. I customize all branding materials to suit your own unique voice and personality while also considering the needs, wants, and desires of your target audience.

3- Beauty and quality are not compromised

I use an advanced understanding of psychology and archetypes to help make your branding resonate with your audience. But that doesn’t mean I hold my work to anything but the highest standards. All the beauty and quality that make your brand stand out will shine through in the branding materials we create.

I bring personality and passion to your brand without compromising beauty and quality. After all, if people see the excellence in your branding, they’ll know to expect quality from your brand.

Let me see the beauty in your brand

Let’s make this clear. Brand-on-Tap isn’t about trying to mangle your brand to make it fit into a prefabricated mold of what I think a successful brand should look like. It’s about the open, expressive, and exciting collaboration between us. I’ll bring you my vision, experience, and passion for bearing on your business to create something of which we can both be proud.

For example, my thing has always been creating logos. I live and breathe them. I love to create them. I honestly even dream about them.

So many times, I’ll go for a walk with my dogs, and I see something that inspires me to create things. I see the beauty in the world around me, and branding ideas just pop up in my head, a bolt from the blue.

I want to work with you to show the world how beautiful you are. To let everything beautiful about your brand shine. No more uninspired branding cobbled together in less than an hour by some anonymous freelancer on Fiverr.

No more fumbling in the dark for the right kind of visual language for your brand. It’s time to align our visions and create a brand that has exactly the right kind of impact.

Beauty is everywhere. And it’s abundant in your business.

I see you.

A few samples of we can do for your brand are below.

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