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Esther was possibly the first person to help me grow my business on social media. I​ owe that much. She is kind, easy-going and behind that sweet smile​​ is a strong woman that supports​ your business expansion, never lets you doubt​ your own capability to just do it, actionable​ advice, and tough love.

She loves her business and does what she does because: “I know this is what I absolutely love to do, it makes me happy and allows me to make an impact on the lives of others ☺.”

You’re going to love her, a bit (because there’s so much we can cover,​ and she is enormous) of Esther is below.

A personal brand.
How Esther lives her art.

I am
An entrepreneur, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a friend and a connector.

I’m not
I am not someone who conforms.

Your essential word

What your favorite word means to you
Happiness, a celebration, excitement!

Your favorite quote
Why fit in when you were born to stand out? -Dr. Seuss

Your favorite object
Books and lip balm.

I’m amazed by
All the entrepreneurs and my mentors around me who chase their dreams unapologetically and relentlessly.

Art that has moved me
Movies, films and Shakespeare – they tell stories that grips and warms my heart all at the same time.

I am hardest on myself
When I try to be perfect. But, I have learned​ that I can never be perfect and that’s okay ☺ .

My form of exercise
Yoga and Blogilates!

Your soul craves
Chocolate 😉

I feel uncomfortable about money
When I think about the lack of it. I prefer to see it as a choice. We all have a choice to make more if we want to. We just have to choose.​

Esther’s story

I am a marketing strategist for entrepreneurs. I help both women and men create thriving businesses and be seen as leaders in their field so they can create a life where they always have the time and flexibility to be there for their families.

My business and vision was inspired by my late mum. She quit her job to take care of me and my brothers full-time and was always there for us and for every important even in our lives. But her only regret was that she couldn’t contribute financially to the family because she didn’t have a job. So there were times where finances were tight.

I want to be just like my mum but also do what she always desired – to be there for my future kids and also create a thriving business so I can create a life I desire for myself and for my family. AND also give back to my community and causes close to my heart.

I’m passionate about marketing (naturally ;)), skincare and reading. My big dream is to support women and girls in developing Asian countries to ​build businesses so they can leverage their skills & talents to contribute financially to their families.

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