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Instagram is one of the best platforms for visual artists, for sure. And, Isabella thrives in there with her creativity and beauty, experimenting, connecting, fun. But who is she, the artist inside beyond the posts?

A powerful woman, strong beliefs, and enchantment​. ​In her own words: “I like to build from nothing. I love the idea of ​​the project, to put each piece in its place. I love the most difficult challenges, those where you do not easily win.” Boom, in love. Are you​ with me?

A personal brand.
How Isabella lives her art.

I am
I am a solid person, happy and passionate about my work. I see white or black. I am very demanding with myself, and with others. Sensitive and attentive to what surrounds me, nothing escapes me … unfortunately. I am true and loyal.

What I’m not
I am not a conditionable person, I love to have my opinion, and then I can change it, but I like to decide and think with my head. I am not a compromising person who is on the side of the strongest. I’m not superficial.

These photos are exclusive, please do not reproduce, publish, whatsoever without Isabella Disanto consent.

Cherished means
I love to build stories and to tell them in every detail, I use visual and graphic art a lot. I think that the lines, the images and the colors have a very strong communication ability. Photograph, and then manipulate the photos that show even what is not there!

Artists that moved me
First Monet, followed by Kandinsky and abstraction in general. I also love the works and projects of some historical designers like Munari and Sottsass.

I don’t have enough of
Narcissists, exalted. Of the incapable who occupy the positions of power. To still see women and children die in wars.

Culture is
An attitude towards life that you learn as a child and for which you must have an innate predisposition. I do not necessarily associate it with books and studies. It is open-minded and you are forced to be a free person.

I don’t tolerate
Arrogance and hidden presumption in the form of false humility. The appearances.

What I would wear for the rest of my life
Men’s trousers and sneakers.

If I start a revolution
I’ll finish it. I fight only those battles for which it is worth fighting, do not waste energy in those useless. The revolution that I would start, and that in my little practical, is to free women from male judgment.

My gift to the world
A few years ago I would not have been able to answer, now I’m not sure, but I hypothesize that I could give harmony, harmony is a word very used but little practiced. Harmony in the things I do, harmonic projects that can help others find pleasure and inspiration. A smile, a word, a conversation, even with whom I meet from the baker. The most beautiful words that they told me and that I probably said were unknown people.

A personal brand.
Isabella’s story

Isabella Disanto, artist, ​and designer. Art Director e Communication Consultant – Interior, design,​ Visual artist Founder and creative​ director of Lotoproject. I am almost 44 years old. Studied industrial design and master in interior design in Milan (SPD).

I worked for more than fifteen years in Italian companies in the design / interior design sector (Natuzzi, Calligaris) as a ​creative and product manager. At 40 I decided to be a freelance.

Now in parallel I founded my own Brand, Lotoproject, in which I would like to make people use products (fashion accessories) to products for the home (objects, digital works) but everything must necessarily tell a story, each collection a story told with all the languages ​​that I love: visual art, photography, vide, colors, lifestyle… The codes of this brand are originality, nonconformity.

These photos are exclusive, please do not reproduce, publish, whatsoever without Isabella Disanto consent.

Connect with Isabela

Website: www.lotoproject.com
Instagram: @lotoproject
Personal Instagram: @ibecolor
Linkedin​: Isabella Disanto

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