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Of lately, my clients have been challenging me to create artsy brands, to live my art a bit more. It felt scary in the beginning. My limiting self-beliefs and fears made me freeze so many times in the past in regards to paint, drawing, and anything more artsy and creative.Funny enough, it feels good not hiding behind Adobe Illustrator any longer and get my hands dirty with real pencils, pens, and paint. Stepping out of our comfort zone helps to know your limits and gifts a lot better.

We have so many options to be healthy and happy, it’s time to integrate them all

This hummingbird is delicious. It is the main icon of Cosmicsmith, an alternative coaching practice lead by Rhonda Smith. I love, love that more and more people are embracing alternative, holistic, and integrative medicine.

Maybe the answer to better human health is integrating the ancient wisdom created by nature and Western knowledge for a personalized approach to healing.The one-size-fits-all that is not serving us any longer. We are so alike and at the same time so beautifully different, aren’t we? We are now armed with a toolkit that makes it possible, we know your genome, and we are still going deeper, research is coming out unveiling the power of plants, and much more. A delight!

Play like a hummingbird

Now, going back to the Cosmicsmith brand. The icon was inspired by the hummingbirds visiting our backyard (always in a hurry, of course) during the summer.

You see, birds, to me, are about freedom. The hummingbird adds a few delicious details. It symbolizes the joy of life and being light and playful at the same time because life is hard and beautiful.It reminds us we need to approach it with a brave heart, almost like a child, transforming negativity, and always expressing love. It calls for adaptation and resilience while still being playful.

The bright colors go well with the summer vibes, don’t they? And, the imperfect handwriting is there to tell that the journey of becoming is not linear, but in the end, you’re in your way to awesomeness, dare to start.Following our both intuitive hints and creativity, the logo with all symbolism felt appropriate for Cosmicsmith. It resonated with Rhonda’s vision and mission. She is up to so much goodness; I witnessed as she was my coach.

Girl, what I learned about myself was life-changing! The fragile balance of light and shadow we all experience. The beautiful bless and mess of being human, imperfectly—a journey of self-love and self-acceptance.

Enjoy the brand board and always be playful.

In Rhonda’s beautiful words:

“It is the ultimate art to take the song from one’s soul and turn it into a visual brand. Working with Olga was a spiritual experience. Together we co-created a beautiful brand and website, crafting the lens through which the world would see the mission that lives deep in my heart.

Olga Pontes is a genius at her profession. It was hard to put into words how we wanted our brand to look, however Olga listens intuitively and creates your brand from that space. The results are astounding. She guided us along the path and really helped us connect into the heart of our mission.

The cherry on top was the creation of the most incredible bee, which became an integral part of our logo. Working with Olga has the right mix of magic and medicine. To weave the mission into the brand so skillfully is an exceptional talent.

If you’re a mission based solopreneur or small company and are looking for the next level in your branding and visual story telling, look no further. Olga is the one for you.”

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