It’s a Libra time to the year–The Loving Artist is here

Every month we dive in and become alchemists to create a monthly archetype, with wizard hats and such. Archetypes are powerful in branding and are fundamentals and the first step we do in our tiny (but mighty) design agency. Carl Jung coined the archetypes to define the human mind. These archetypes are recurrent themes or universal patterns, presumably occurring across all cultures and times. Pretty cool!

It gets even better; he also thought archetypes influence human behavior more than anything else. They define who we are and how we act—even more than logic, persuasion, and emotion. Wow! We love how these concepts help our clients clarify who they are and how their personality shows up in the brand. In the end, the brand speaks to both their own soul and their audience–their Alma Audience. A win-win-win for authenticity and a bad loss for scarcity and fear-based marketing.

In our own style, we create archetypes based on neuroscience, psychology, and astrology’s magic,

so they become alive in a beautiful piece of art. If this your birth sign, take a look; knowing who you are and how to express yourself creatively is the most potent branding and business tool. Nobody can copy that.

The Loving Artist – Libra archetype

The new fall season started a few days ago, and we have a new kid on the block. Libra is here to remind us that life is love, beauty, and harmony. And, nobody does that like Libra.

Brand Quintessence
I balance with harmony and love

Brand Brilliance & Gifts
The brand brings harmony to the world through relationship and partnership. Diplomatic at heart, she brings peace and reconciliation to an otherwise chaotic world. Your drive is to promote intimacy and sensuality, love and beauty.

Are you ready to be an influencer? Even as a possible introvert, you shine in public life, which brings immense wealth potential. Always charming, loving, gracious and warming, you bring people together as a mediator or a diplomat. You are committed to finding creative solutions and getting things done. And, if you’re artistically inclined, you’ll thrive as your sense of aesthetic is elevated. Share it with the world to bring harmony and beauty, make everyone’s day shine.

Don’t forget, love starts with self-love, and by blindly chasing the love of others you might lose your identity. And, sometimes, done is better than perfect!

Brand Colors
The loving artist colors are romantic and nostalgic, like the mid-fall. You love blue, pink, lavender, pastels, dark crimson, amber, lemon yellow.

Brand Imagery
Sensual and soft colors are infused in hearts, flowers, moon in the sky, sand dunes and beaches, to convey the feelings of love and harmony. The Loving Artist connects well with circular and curving shapes, natural and sensual objects, and beautiful art.


Monthly GPS for The Loving Artist

Short and sweet guidelines to live your life at your best and the fullest.

The monthly report was create by the tarot expert Tania Santos. Can you believe it that she does reads and helps people with tarot and much more since she was 12 years-old? Wow, such a talent! Connect with Tania to get your personalized reading here.


Listen to your inner voice, what she’s telling you? Learn to interpret the sign, your GPS to find balance and brighten your day with something new. Are you ready to explore?

You may feel a bit lonely this month. Just follow your enormous desire to surrender and go! Venturing into new experiences and risk fighting for improving a current relationship. Perhaps, a new and more stable relationship is on the horizon that will bring you happiness and fulfillment.

Your health is protected during this month with increased energy; this is your time of the year. But avoid excessive physical and mental wear and tear. After all, you’re the prudence and balance sign, aren’t you? Carry out some routine exams and check-up, so you can relax.

Focus on your end goals, continue your search if you are looking for a new job. Keep your faith and hopes up and do not give in to feelings of tiredness and discouragement. Stay grounded at your job, practice self-care and self-love every single day to keep emotional instability at bay. Take a long weekend, immerse in the beautiful fall colors for inspiration and raise your vibration and energy.

Your gifts with wealth management are in the spotlight this month; keep saving for a rainy day.

A message for you
Meditate to find all the answers you need, have confidence and faith, everything will improve shortly. and awesome


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