The rise of the tiny influencer

When Covid-19 started spreading and making its devastating toll, I began to panic a bit. The mood was kind of meh, seeing and feeling the suffering going around.

Personally, I worry about my family here in the USA and parents in Portugal. With the lockdowns, I was not able to support my mom, as I’ve been doing. The worry and anxiety kicked in big time.

The future is always unpredictable, but not this gloomy. With the slow economy, how will small businesses recover from the COVID 19 onslaught? You probably questioned how you’ll survive, I did it too (often).Stepping up to create a business in your own terms

And, wow, didn’t you see all the ads popping up on social media? Everyone had a fast and easy solution for the crisis, using catchy messages based on scarcity or FOMO.

Yet, unknown voices were rising, louder, and doing very well.

What was the difference? They connect with their audience unconventionally.

Instead of doing business as we know it, they spoke from the heart, and soul, with empathy, all in. They were telling inconvenient and painful truths, offering a new perspective, healing courageously.

They did not have a big following but still making an impact (and money). The message real and authentic, not wishy-washy, not just love and light.

Define the new world paradigm, your time is now, tiny influencer!

I get it, I too, had fallen into the trap. The “shinny marketing” is attractive, it feels effortless. We have a family to feed, bills to pay, lost our job, and need money yesterday. We all crave the 6-7 figures months, the freedom to travel the world, the laptop lifestyle. And, here comes someone with a secret formula that unlocks all your desires.

More often than not, the “formulas” never worked for you. These are cookie-cutter formulas that don’t take into account your uniqueness. They put you in a box, and you still left feeling unheard, unseen.

The old way of building a brand, a business, an audience, work for many but not for you. It feels icky individualistic, does not allow to create a better future for all, not only a few.

This is a new paradigm, and you feel it inside you too.

Your audience is craving human touch, soul, and substance. The sugarcoating, one size fits all marketing, is no longer serving the collective, and welcomes the tiny-influencer… You!

Tiny is not small. It is intentional and caring.

So, if you are crazy in love with your work, have a burning desire to change the world with your message, and eager to start the next online (r)evolution…

Your audience is waiting for you and ready to hear your story because it’s also their truth.

Bring your unique personality and gifts to market and stitch them into your brand. Tell your human story to make your audience the hero.

Start where you are, and attract the people you are here to serve with love and empathy. Start with a community as little as 1000 or 100. Spread your love, brilliance, quirks, and flaws, and they will love you and take inspired action to spread “you” in the world. In this human thread, we all win, create a thriving business, and real change.

So, tiny influencer, it is your time to define the future by telling the stories people need right now. Even if they are messy and you feel uncomfortable in sharing them. The world is wide open to love them hard.

Make it promise to yourself, become a brand that matters, even if you start tiny, start by being boldly you.

We create a tiny course to grow you visibility and online influence, follow the link and we can’t wait to see you there!

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