The mystic is here-Scorpio brand archetype

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Every month we dive in and become alchemists to create a monthly archetype, with wizard hats and such. Archetypes are powerful in branding and are fundamentals and the first step we do in our tiny (but mighty) design agency.

Carl Jung coined the archetypes to define the human mind. These archetypes are recurrent themes or universal patterns, presumably occurring across all cultures and times. Pretty cool!It gets even better; he also thought archetypes influence human behavior more than anything else.

They define who we are and how we act—even more than logic, persuasion, and emotion. Wow! We love how these concepts help our clients clarify who they are and how their personality shows up in the brand. In the end, the brand speaks to both their own soul and their audience–their Alma Audience.

A win-win-win for authenticity and a bad loss for scarcity and fear-based marketing.In our own style, we create archetypes based on neuroscience, psychology, and astrology’s magic, so they become alive in a beautiful piece of art.

If this your birth sign, take a look; knowing who you are and how to express yourself creatively is the most potent branding and business tool. Nobody can copy that.

The Mystic Truth-Seeker
Scorpio brand archetype

Now, fall is at its full splendor. We got to love it, embrace it. So, as the bold colors of summer are winding down, we cozy up, and the perfect timing to get in touch with our truth and power with the help of the investigative Scorpio. It’s that kind of season! It can sting a bit but Fear not. At the end of the journey, healing happens. You come out feeling a whole new you to enjoy the pleasure of life.


Brand inspiration

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.–Anais Nin
(As seen in The Stars Within You by Juliana McCarthy)


Ruling planet

Mars and Pluto, the planets of sexuality and power.


The scorpio.

Brand quintessence

I create & transform with deep desire.


Brand brilliance & gifts

Around you there’s never a dull moment. You’re an intense soul and your personality is a complex puzzle of human nature, for the highest good, the bad and the ugly.

The magnetic energy coming out of you gets you known and loved around the world and beyond. And, people trust you, you never make fluff or promises that you can’t deliver.

Persistent and resilient you follow your instincts like nobody else, finding the secret behind the secret. Your drive and strategy gets you going in a search of transformational experiences for you and humanity.

Although secrecy is your MO, ease up a bit, let people in, you don’t need to do it alone, although you’re the master of knowledge no human has it all figured out. And, umm, sometimes is better to let kindness rule.


Brand colors & photography

The Mystic Truth-Seeker loves black, crimson, burgundy, maroon, red and all colors of passion. Strong intense images for great impact and wow, for desire and mystery.


Famous Scorpio

Illustrations created by Luana Santos and Sofia Santos

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