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Little I knew when we created the “Good Soul” Brand-on-Tap, that will end up belonging to my fav lady Dr. Erika Austin. We intuitively make these brands, knowing that they will find their rightful owner through the universe’s inner workings. Still, this one is such a right match on everything. My wildest dreams came true.

And, “Grief Awakening,” wouldn’t you agree this couldn’t be more timely? After picking up Bonzo’s memorial (my sweet boy that left us so suddenly), I remember driving through Albuquerque.

Thinking about my mom with COVID that I can’t visit, seeing closed stores, lights off, parking lots filled with enormous lines for Covid-19 testing instead of regular shoppers. How did we get here so fast, so dark, and dystopian? And Matt Damon is not coming to save us all, right?

In my own personal grief, the collective grieving, everyone is affected one way or another. But, as I learned from working in this brand and my 1-on-1’s with Erika, “hurt happens but so does healing, create room for possibility.”

When I think about the “Grief Awakening” brand, do you know what comes to mind? Fawkes, Albus Dumbledore’s magical bird, symbolizing death and re-birth, rising from the ashes. Well, but it wasn’t appropriate for it. Grief awakening is the flow from grief to gratitude to grace.

Instead, we tapped into the natural seasons’ flow, from winter to spring to summer. We played with colors, creating a palette and photography mood-board for each step using nature’s transitions from blue, pink, and orange. And, of course, nothing better than a delicate and simple blossom to go along with it.

I couldn’t be more proud of Erika and what we created together. The brand is delicious to the eyes, isn’t it? Peaceful, graceful and, most of all, healing. See the full brand suite below.

We are sad to see this Brand-on-Tap go, but we know that it will connect with so many people to create meaningful, happy, and so much needed changes.

We have a beautiful collection of pre-made brands waiting for you. Take a look and choose the one speaking directly to your soul. Until the end of 2020, you’ll receive 40% off. See you there, and we can’t wait to create one for you! Let’s begin in 2021 with grace and greatness; your time is NOW! Learn more about the magic of a Brand-on-Tap.

The beauty of a magnetic brand created with heart and soul

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