A sag kind of wanderlust-Sagittarius brand archetype

Brand Forecast

Every month we dive in and become alchemists to create a monthly archetype, with wizard hats and such. Archetypes are powerful in branding and are fundamentals and the first step we do in our tiny (but mighty) design agency.

Carl Jung coined the archetypes to define the human mind. These archetypes are recurrent themes or universal patterns, presumably occurring across all cultures and times. Pretty cool!It gets even better; he also thought archetypes influence human behavior more than anything else.

They define who we are and how we act—even more than logic, persuasion, and emotion. Wow! We love how these concepts help our clients clarify who they are and how their personality shows up in the brand. In the end, the brand speaks to both their own soul and their audience–their Alma Audience.

A win-win-win for authenticity and a bad loss for scarcity and fear-based marketing.In our own style, we create archetypes based on neuroscience, psychology, and astrology’s magic, so they become alive in a beautiful piece of art.

If this your birth sign, take a look; knowing who you are and how to express yourself creatively is the most potent branding and business tool. Nobody can copy that.

The Graceful Wanderlust
Sagittarius brand archetype

We reaching the end of 2020 and so many things changed. But, 2021 is around the corner to bring new hopes, horizons and adventures in the Sagittarius style.


Brand inspiration

I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”–Joseph Campbell.
(As seen in The Stars Within You by Juliana McCarthy)


Ruling planet

Jupiter, the planet of prosperity and expansion.


The archer

Brand Quintessence

I see the truth and wisdom of the world.


Brand brilliance & gifts

Your archetype could be either the graceful wanderlust or the wanderlust or a philosopher. To this thing we call life, you bring your optimism and contagious enthusiasm. You are humorous, energetic, and easy-going; people love to be around you. When will you create your “Sag” show?”

Routine and boring are not your middle names for sure! Enter the laptop lifestyle! You’re a seeker but through adventure, seeing and seeking the big picture and world challenges. While you’re the philosopher of the zodiac, what you desire is embodied and complemented with real-life experiences. Anything that brings you freedom, room to grow, and challenge perspectives are for your free-sprit.

Luck follows you in everything. After all, your ruling planet is Jupiter, and your faith and trust make things happen. Lucky You but don’t be carried out only by luck and deliver. Sometimes it is good to stop and enjoy the present and gather ideas to speak your truth, revealing your wisdom.

During this beautiful Sag season, go deep in finding what brings real joy and purpose. Where can you bring more of your gifts of optimism and wisdom, and faith while preserving what you love the most, freedom and adventure? Keep wondering and wandering!


Brand colors & photography

Royal blue, purple, any uncommon variation of these for a glimpse of royalty and artistic. Horizon receding ahead, mountain ranges, people looking off into the distance or walking away, adventurous lifestyle.


Famous Sagittarius

Illustrations by Luana Santos and Sofia Santos

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