There’s no magic trick to this life


Branding has become more personal, “the persona lifestyle.” Your marketing is about who you are and how you live as well. Showing a different way and lead by example on your own terms.I’ve been thinking a lot about productivity, and its relationship to how we express ourselves authentically, be more “you” in our brand.

Let’s blame 2020; we only have a few days to do so, with the whole new meaning of time and everything else. The slowness made us walking thinking jars anyway; better do something useful about it.As a classic Type-A personality, I love getting things done and fast.
The worst misconception is that everything needs to be hard; money and success only happen if you work yourself out to exhaustion. It didn’t get any better when I turned my life around to become an entrepreneur working from home.I carried over the dystopian mindset. The burnouts, the meltdowns, and in my case, anxiety ultimately leading to panic attacks. All this might have happened to you too.

We must change how we approach our days, our working habits, and the societal beliefs that come with it. It’s getting things done (of course) but with boundaries and give ourselves some grace throughout the day, more fun and play–more creative moments.It has been difficult to change years of repeating patterns, but a girl must do what’s best for her.

I started creating new routines in an old-fashioned way, writing down in a planner, which I wanted to share with you today (no affiliate links whatsoever). Have fun exploring:)

– Self-care
The buzz word:) Yes, we can take a bath and the candles, but self-care means we put ourselves first to create boundaries to take care of everything else as our best version. To that end, I am loving this Savor Life Planner.

– Gratitude
This one, a biggy, feeling grateful for what already is, feeling good about it, and seeing the abundance. I am loving the “Gratitude Day and Night Reflection Journal.”

And, this app Grateful stops the scroll.

– Manifestation
What if manifesting was a game? I am experimenting with the Reality Hacker, but mindset shifts are already happening. The creative entrepreneur’s mind is tricky. In one hour, you’re on top of the world, the next not so great. When that does happen, you stop the negative self-talk.

Feed Your Body

Pumpkin is in season as “Joy the Baker” stated in a few of her posts. I’ve been slowly warming up to pumpkin recipes, although, of course, I love the color and the shape. I just want to wrap myself up in it. These two recipes look amazing.



Feed Your Soul

Loving these natural remedies for anxiety from the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine, always good to have these around.

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