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The Branding Collective team is over the moon for revealing the Melissa Laracuenta Psychology brand.

One-on-one is how we love to work with clients the best, where fun and intimacy play to build a meaningful relationship. Our own values are often reflected in the brand, and the tagline of this brand is significant to us: connection matters. Yes, it does! We love, we care, we connect in everything we do🤗❤⁣.

As this article puts it in a lovely way. Connection goes beyond a fast like or comment in a social media post. It runs deep. It’s emotional.

Quoting the authors: “An emotional connection is a feeling of alignment and intimacy between two people that goes beyond just physical attraction, having fun together, surface-level conversations, or even intellectual similarities. Instead, it feels like you’re connecting on a deeper soul level—and feel secure connecting that deeply.”

Bringing mental health to the spotlight

A big yes and congratulations are in place for the ML Psychology brand representing the Nurturing Rebel archetype. It couldn’t have been a better time to launch a robust online presence, from brand story to an identity, a website, and social media. 

Keeping our mental health in good shape is serious, and it’s time to embrace change and get rid of the stigma around seeking help. Mental health is one of the most significant pandemic issues we’ll face in 2021. While we finally have the light at the end of the tunnel, our collective soul is hurting. Humanity faces extreme challenges with supply shortages, economic stress, routine disruption, fear, illness, isolation, and loss. 

All add up to anxiety, depression, and extreme stress. To overcome the burden on our mental health, people are more open to reach out and seek help from professionals to face the uncertainty of the future. 

This is an opportunity to bring metal issues to the spotlight with open communication, overcoming tabus, creating new habits with an open mind.


ML psychology brand story

ML psychology is now a virtual spot supporting Millennials and Gen Zs that carry the wound of “not belonging” to society, a family, a job, or career, to themselves. The ones that feel unseen and don’t quite belong anywhere. 

Their practice is provided to clients and by psychologists from groups not well represented and often hidden–the “in-betweens,” which don’t fit the norm. They are multiverse. The goal is to change how people feel as individuals and how society sees people who do not conform to its expectations. 

ML-Psychology has a big mission too. They aim to bring mental health to those from underrepresented groups in the mental health space, including patients and therapists, creating open space defined by real human connection. 

The therapy is empowering and highly dedicated to each one’s needs. You come with your challenge, and they’ll give you a unique solution tailored to your personality, environment, and story.


Building an identity

Melissa is a connector at heart! She makes people feel comfortable and nurtured, quickly identifying their strengths and challenges. She creates real-life transformational results using unconventional therapeutic approaches.

The brand is inspired by Mediterranean colors and the big ocean. As the connection is everything and has no limits, the perfectly-imperfect infinite is the main icon. It is limitless, endless in everything… on possibilities, connections, humanity, locations, nurturing, love, above and beyond. Check the beauty below😱

The moral of the brand

People can live fuller and joyful lives with ease and peace of mind with the support of a therapist that provides dedicated and genuine care and meaningful connection in every session and beyond. Therapy is not one-size-fits-all. It takes into account your story and environment. It doesn’t need to be boring; taking action, you explore yourself with simple everyday exercises. The key is connection. You belong; we are you. We see you, we get you, we care, with a lotta fun and love.

Need to level up your online influence? We would love to create a brand for you this year and make a big win in your business. Book a call with us to learn what we can do and start the party!

ML Psychology new magnetic brand

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