Letting go to create a self evolution

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Happy 2021! Wishing you all the magical things in your life in this, hopefully, more peaceful and graceful new year.

You probably already received tons of emails about resolutions. Spoiler alert, I’ll be talking about it too but with a twist. A different perspective about the subject I read in the Fast Company Mag made me think, and I must share it with you.

We love creating goals and new habits at the beginning of the year as we want to become the next level version. However, how can we create “the new” without first letting go of the old?

Saying goodbye to what is not serving us, letting go of the past, creates space for the new to take form. If we don’t do it, the old patterns will keep showing up, stalling, and blocking progress.

So before setting up resolutions or intentions, create a ritual, write down a list of what must go and a fun one for what you’ll be allowed to come next–the “new you” new year manifesto, the sit list, and an allowing shift list.

These new habits are not borrowed from somebody else. They unfold uniquely to, created on your terms. Little by little, tiny steps, repetition, after the messy part of the process, new habits settle in, and you’ll start seeing possibilities in your future. The “new you” is born, and it’s ready to be unveiled.

We must adapt; life doesn’t come with a set of instructions and terms and conditions; it’s unpredictable. The more you live it, the more you express yourself unapologetically, you create a better brand–people will notice.


How you go about the new year and resolutions?


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