Are you getting trendy for 2021?


The New Year 2021 has just begun, so we must talk about trends and predictions. I cannot resist them but always try not to be a slave to them unless it resonates. In the end, it’s still useful if we learn something new, isn’t it? Who knows? Some might be aligned with your brand; you give it a try and turn the needle in your business even more.

A few good reads and inspiration are below.


On Instagram

Are you a visual person? I indeed am, so it comes with no surprise that my fav social media apps are Instagram and Pinterest. The visual trends for Instagram are in these two blog posts from Later. Fun and beautiful!

Top 10 graphic design trends for Instagram in 2021

Instagram aesthetic trends for 2021

When creating graphics, go deep, check out what fonts, colors and icons will take your content to the next level in 2021 here.

On digital marketing

Nothing like Neil Patel to get the record straight with clear communication. Two enlightening videos on how digital and content marketing can look like in 2020—a good watch.

How digital marketing will change in 2021

How content marketing will change in 2021

On business (and beyond) mindset

For all of us that manifest the dreams of a lifetime with our online business, here’s a good one on creating a mindset shift. We’ve all been there one way or another.

Get off the manifesting hamster wheel

On expanding your brand’s audience

When I started seeing all the online buzz about “Clubhouse,” I thought to myself, rolling my eyes. Here we go again, a new shiny object in the online world. Nope, I don’t want to jump from trend to trend, app to app, only to see it disappear after a few months. These things come and go fast. Who knows if they stay for the long run.

Moreover, we don’t need to consistently show up on every social platform on the planet to grow our business online. Two that you love are enough, and, of course, always have an email list.

But, to be honest, this one caught my curiosity. Maybe it was the celebrity and exclusivity effect, but having conversations with people in real-time sounds pretty cool. You see, I do love to listen to people’s stories, no fluff, in-depth knowledge, and honest insight/feedback. So, I will give this one a try. I am currently figuring out how it works and if it’s aligned with our brand and message.

If you feel that Clubhouse is worth trying, here’s an article to get you started (I am following it myself). I hope it helps, and maybe we will meet there soon.

Clubhouse App: How to Get Started

Off social media we go and our business still thrive

And, what if social media is not your thing this year? There are many ways to market your business. We forgot about how it was before.If you’re feeling like social media is overwhelming or tired of the culture, why not try other options? I love this list Alexandra Franzen created (and love her in general🙌🏻🥰). Good advice and awesome writing are always welcomed.

Have fun exploring the trends! Did any speak to your brand’s soul?

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