Have you been blocked or are you blocking yourself out?


Did you ever been “blocked” in your fav social media app? Out of the blue, without you knowing what causes it? And, it lasts for days? It’s like trying to catch a ball only to be blocked by someone. You don’t see it coming. You feel disappointed and powerless! Your business runs partly on social, helping you reach specific goals, expanding the business. Just like that, you’re out. It sucks, doesn’t it?

We face blocks all the time. It’s part of life. While we can’t control social platforms and what they do to us, there are a few goal “blocks” we can.

Today, I wanted to talk about a few “controllable” blocks when it comes to personal branding on social media. I see it happening to my clients, experienced myself, and you probably do too. Instead of “blocks,” it can be an opportunity to explore and grow online differently, standing out of the crowd, making “good” noise.

Here it goes.


1. Misaligned marketing and sales strategies

There are tons of info out there, and everybody is sharing an easy way to succeed. Who doesn’t want that? Unfortunately, there are many “fake experts,” and it’s not easy to distinguish the “goodness” from the BS. The amount of information (good and bad) can lead us to paralyzation or do everything out there under the moon and back without seeing the results we want.

There are no shortcuts to continuous success. We still need to do the work and show up as our best next level. Not all funnels and sales strategies are for you. We must pick what feels aligned, get rid of the clutter, to take inspired action. In brief, create our own way through what we want to achieve, and sometimes it requires stopping listening to others for a while until we find our core, combining our gut feeling with strategy; both need to be in place. The word “whole” is important here.


2. Mismatched branding message

Enter the “influencer culture” with fancy clothing, selfies in different foreign places every day, and beautiful smoothies in hand. While there’s nothing wrong with it or aspiring to live like it. Don’t get me wrong, I want to travel everywhere again, freely, with kisses and hugs, anyone in?

If you don’t have that lifestyle at every hour, you can still thrive. We can share our reality. There are beauty and gratitude around us, and if we embrace it, we don’t need to mimic the influencer life that does not belong to us. Our life, no matter what, is not dull, and it is Instagram worthy!

Then, we lead with a story. Ours, our audience’s journey, showing up with our authentic, loving, real, unfiltered voice. You don’t want to miss this secret sauce of yours, neither do I.


3. Not playing big

Being great requires you to tell the world who you are and the gifts that help your peeps… OUT LOUD! Creating the massive impact and growth requires you to ask for what you want unapologetically. So, playing small is not a choice when it comes to your brand message.

It’s not bragging. It’s sharing what makes you and others feel and become alive. We need to validate ourselves more, give ourselves more credit. You’re enough. Dare to dream big and take giant leaps. You deserve to have it all on your terms.

Getting rid of these common “potholes” is liberating, and you’re on your way to creating a magnetic online brand.

Jump over these blocks. Let’s go!

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