How ordinary moments can feel extraordinary: meet Colleen McGinnis

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Social media has many roles, but this is what social media is for: connections, meeting people, and deepen relationships that otherwise would hardly happen.

When it does, it’s magical. Colleen McGinnis runs an events and gift styling company with her family in a beautiful house by a creek in Absecon, New Jersey. Family small, local businesses are the best.

And they perfectly fit visually. You can’t get this high touch anywhere else! Notably, the gift boxes create a luxurious, organic experience from the day they arrive.

The secret is in the details, the love, and nurturing feeling. It’s a must-have. See how they look and feel in the photo below.

Learn more about Nacote Creek Designs and its founder Colleen and please, make yourself a favor or anyone you love. Get a gift box here, it’s that good!

If you check her website and Instagram account, you’ll see why she got me hooked. As they say, don’t take only my words for granted, and an image is worth a thousand words.

Nonetheless, I’ll keep talking for a sentence or two. The scenery and environment are on point, vintage, romantic, and relaxing. Perfect for a wedding or an intimate event. I actually think I want to re-make my wedding vows to go there and have the experience.

The gift styling of Nacote Creek Design… no words match the perfection. The gift boxes are carefully picked, with hand-made details and unique, high-quality products.

A personal brand.
How Colleen lives her art.

I would like to create a revolution around…
I would love to create a revolution around how we think and feel about the ordinary moments of our lives.

What inspires you…
I am inspired by beautiful art and design.

My fav person in the world…
Sorry I couldn’t choose just one. My four favorite people are my kids.

I cherish…
The amazing people in my life.

I despise…
The word can’t

Words to live by…
If you get a new client,
if you get up the nerve to ask someone out,
if you get the job, the house or the last cookie,
~ Jen Senario

The outfit of your life is…
Jeans and comfortable shoes

If I was a color I would be…

If I was a celebrity I would be…
Jennifer Garner

If I was an animal I would be…
A dog

If I was a scent I would be…

If I was a symbol I would be…
A heart

If I was a word I would be…

I would love to live in…
A very warm climate

If I was a season, I would be…

A personal brand.
Colleen’s brand story

How did you get here? Is your company founded on a family history that brought you to this point? Or are you blazing your trail?

When my husband and I were just teenagers we would sit for hours talking about designing and running a bed and breakfast.

Even then we were dreaming of creating an experience for our customers.

And although we never did open a bed and breakfast, we do have our showroom in a beautiful one hundred year old building built by my husband’s grandfather.

The showroom is filled with an array of unique event rentals items. So I guess you could say that we are blazing our own trail and our family history is right along with us.

What inspired you to create your business, and why does that matter to your clients? Was there a pivotal moment in your life that unleashed a dream or vision?

We have always celebrated the small, otherwise ordinary moments in life.

When our kids were young we would have a “party” simply around watching a favorite tv show. I would bake a cake and set the table in a special way.

The kids would look forward to finishing their homework early that particular night in order to get the party started!

Their backyard birthday parties were transformed into a “day at the beach” complete with large amounts of sand to create a tropical, fun filled experience.

Backyard hayrides, pumpkin picking, straw hats and overalls helped to make another party a knee slapping good time. The cleanup was a little challenging, but the memories will last a lifetime!

As they grew into adults we have continued to cherish and celebrate the ordinary in a very special way.

This summer an evening of eating crabs was made extra special by placing large vases of flowers and oversized hurricane lanterns on the table.

Each place setting contained a personal cloche dish housing extra butter and old bay spice. The tag read “open if you are feeling a little crabby”

With just a few extra touches, cracking crabs was transformed into an experience to remember.

Whether we are creating adorable S’mores kits, styling bridesmaids gifts, or adorning a table with items to create a memorable place setting, we are here to help make any occasion feel like a reason to celebrate.

Why do you do what you do, and why does it matter?

I believe that ordinary moments in life can feel extraordinary.

With beautiful, simple, stress free design any moment or gift can be transforming. I believe that giving should reflect what is in your heart.

And a beautiful presentation can make every giving, as well as receiving heart flutter. And that is always a good thing.

What’s your mission and vision?

My mission is to provide high quality, beautiful, stress free design and styling for our client’s celebrations and gifting needs.

My vision is to create an experience to remember and share.

What drives you forwards when otherwise you might just give up?

Simply witnessing the look of pure joy when an ordinary backyard gathering is transformed into an experience to remember. This has made this journey so worthwhile.

And we will always treasure the look of delight on the faces of those receiving one of our artisan gift boxes.

Time and hard work isn’t measured when the work is so rewarding.

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Nacote Creek Designs is a boutique design and styling company, specializing in event and gift design.
We provide a stress free, artisan experience for all of our customer’s celebrations and gifting needs.

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