The brand alphabet to rise above the online noise: optimism

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A few years ago, my son sold me to Billie Eilish with Ocean Eyes. I am so hooked. Her talent at her age is impressive, isn’t it? In the past weekend, I watched the documentary “The world’s a little blurry.” I not only enjoyed it, but it also got me thinking.

I am so passionate about personal branding, my brain was unstoppable while watching the documentary. Her attitude, hair color, and the way she dresses, her personal brand is that of a rebel, duh?

But there’s more to the story. There’s deep darkness in her lyrics that resonates effortlessly with the audience, judging by how the teenagers cried profoundly listening to her songs—the perfect brand message to market alignment.

As Billie is talking about what she’s going through, it connects intensely and authentically without B.S. The audience feels understood, seen, and loved. This is powerful stuff.

I don’t see her as low vibes or dark. On the contrary, there’s a feeling of optimism, the brand word for March. Being a realist and optimistic are not mutually exclusive in a personal brand. They go hand in hand.

As you face reality in the eye and talk openly about it, we create space for healing. Then, we bring the unique touch of magic to solve the problems (yours and your audience). As we are authentic, the brand message creates a connection with emotions and forever fans.

And for the brand word for this month. Is there any darkness you can bring to the surface to heal yourself and your audience?

It might be an uncomfortable truth, but when you’re ready to share, it is worth it to put your brand in-motion!

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