Beat any algorithm gangsta-style


We’ve all been there. When our engagement and reach are getting to where we want to on social, the algorithm changes. Then, there we go again: figuring out what’s new, how to get on top of the game to thrive.

I’ve been there, and it’s unsustainable! It also creates a fear mindset that might interfere with our ability to shine and share our truth.I didn’t ditch the algorithm. I like to know the changes and apply the best practices. Since I started using these tips, a shift happened. I focused more on fostering connections and relationships than the numbers. I felt happier about social media.

Yes, sometimes the engagement falls, followers flyway, reach is down 50% in one day and +300% on the following. But, overall, I always see growth, notably with peace of mind. Here, I am sharing how we can approach the issue differently:


1-Know your brand shit

•Your voice
•Your message
•Your value
•Your audience

Be super clear about these, own them, and claim them unapologetically. If you want to explore your brand pillars a bit more, we have a worksheet for that here.


2-Show up consistently like an actual human and connect with real people

You don’t have to be on social media 24/7 to grow your business. After all, we are running/building a business. But when we show up, we must be in our authentic self shoes.


3-Create a community outside social media

Don’t rely only on social media to market your business. Go to local meetings, network locally and out of state (when things are calmer on the Covid front) and events. Your in-person energy is always more magnetic than through the scree.

Grow an email list, email is still a thing, solid, strong and reliable.

I neglected these two aspect for so long and regret it big time. I was so blind to the social media glitter that forget to create my own community in a safe and sacred place.

Creating something uniquely yours, which you have more control over, is powerful. Powered by real humans instead of AI.


4-Don’t put “fear energy” in the algorithm.

Take a scientific approach, learn what it is and the latest changes from each platform source.


5-The algorithm is AI created by intelligent humans.

You are brilliant too. Besides, humans always win in Hollywood movies. So, why not make it happen in RL? Trust yourself.

What are your thoughts? Do you use any of the approaches above or planing to?

The goal is to make your brand unstoppable. Go spread your magic!

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