Knowing this changes the way you do business and prosperity will follow

Stories for You

My son gave me the book “Humans” for Christmas last year. My kiddo knows me oh so well. He knows what I love and I need! The book is filled with emotional, happy, and sad, beautiful stories. But, primarily real! Humans are like that, aren’t they?

While reading these stories, I realized that I always prioritize my mind needs with “how-to” books, forgetting to feed my soul. To be an incredible storyteller, we need to read and be inspired by fantastic stories (actual or fictional), not only facts.

We go about our day doing this little thing we call business; we also tend to forget that humans like us are on the other side of the screen.Business is becoming more personal—especially, tiny businesses like ours. We are in the business of being human.What does that mean?

Your audience is not diffrent from you

We tend to forget that there are humans like us on the other side of the screen. Everything has taught us to focus on numbers. Followers, engagement, sales, likes, shares, and more. Yes, data is excellent for testing and tweaking to see what works.But at the end of the day, it’s all about being who we are–human.

Build a brand for humanity

When it comes to our brand, everything about it is human. It’s biology. How we’re created, our story, who we are, who we serve, values, feelings, emotions, experience, art, beauty, looks, and how it works on the inside.How do you feel being treated like a person versus being treated like just a number?It’s very different! The warmth that comes from empathy and care can never be replaced by anything but only humans.

Set your brand for human success

Paul J Zak, Neuroeconomist, talks about how the hormone oxytocin promotes empathy and thereby trust and proving that love is good for business.He also mentions the features of economic success:
• Trust
• Focus on service, quality, and not money
• Everyone benefits

When people know that you care and make time to listen and understand them, they want to be around you. They trust you and naturally want to work with you.I prefer to be upfront in my marketing and not resort to mimics. I don’t care for the social media fluff. I want to create long-lasting, deep relationships with my community (that’s you!).

I feel that this is the best way to do business, and prosperity will follow for all.Start by creating a kind and empathetic brand. Here are some questions you may consider when infusing more love and empathy into your brand:
• How can I show that I care for my community and customers?
• How can I connect on a deeper level with my audience?
• What are my brand values, and how can I translate these values into my marketing, sales, and everything I do in my business?

After you’ve answered these questions, I encourage you to take the next step to express these values in your brand and marketing.Grab the free brand audit below. It’s priceless! See you soon.

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