The brand alphabet to rise above the online noise: vulnerability

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As I walked to the Pit here in Albuquerque, my heart pounded, and my legs were a bit like rubber. Here it is, the big day of the second dose of Covid’s vaccine.

Like many adults, I fear needles, hate going to hospitals and doctors. The fear has a solid reason to exist. You see, my parents were not big fans of vaccines, so I just got the required ones when I went to school. Then, coincidently allergies popped out of the blue. I also start getting sick more frequently—my subconscious mind associates needles and vaccines with more hospitals, doctors, and tons of tests.

Then reading about the side effects of this second worse? It was like, I want to run as fast and as far as I could. Well, I didn’t. Lo and behold, I did get the harmful side effects and was knocked off for 24 h and plus a few more feeling shaky.

I wanted to play strong, keep working and go about life as usual. Simultaneously, I felt that my immune system was letting me down. Sickness is never a good state.

But then I let it go. I destroyed the firewall, peeled onion layers, let my guard down. Yes, all at the same time. Stopped pretending that I was feeling okay, curled in a fetus position in my bed until the effects subsided. I opened up space for healing by being vulnerable.

Vulnerability is such a simple meaning word, isn’t it? The willingness to show emotion or to allow one’s weakness to be seen or known. But it can be so important in your life.The truth is that we are not taught to be vulnerable or show vulnerability at all. It’s like the saying, “boys don’t cry.” It has been seen as a sign of weakness, something we are never allowed to be.

However, if we open up about our struggles and flaws, we open the door for genuine connection when we do so.The same applies to your brand. Showing vulnerability has been around online for a while and has strong advocates. Like, you only connect authentically if you show it. I think that you must choose. Is it relevant to you and your audience?Also, there are boundaries you probably want to create.

Probably there are a few lines you don’t want to cross, or perhaps you want to go all in. There’s no right or wrong, a better way or not so good way.Use vulnerability when you feel appropriate, if at all. Listen to the pulse of your soul. Your brand is yours to live!

Be inspired by the beauty of colors

There are so many words we can use in branding to define the feelings and emotions of who we are and connect with our audience.

One of my favorite ways to think about colors and their meanings. Some people say that color is life. I am starting to believe that it’s true. During the lockdowns, and all the setbacks of these past two years, color, especially nature colors have been an inspiration to me.

I hope they have the same impact on you, inspiring you to take action and be your best, next level self. You already are her!

While researching for this month color, “purple,” I discovered the phrase “I purple you.” I never thought about using something like this to describe colors but I have the feeling I will start doing it from now-on. It really creates a connection.

I purple you means that i will love and trust you forever. It got me big time, with its beauty. BTW, purple to me is the color of Prince, love his music and it will be forever in my heart. Anyhow, enjoy the color story of the month! Is purple your color brand?

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