There are boundaries in kindness in your journey to success

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I believe kindness is underrated, is the new black, and a currency. Seriously, in all aspects of our life.How many times you go about your day and kindness makes your world brighter and colorful.

If you’re in a bad mood or things are just upside and not going as they should, an act of kindness has the power to change things around on a whim. It can be a stranger let you go in first, holding the door for you when your arms are filled with grocery bags and/or kids. It can be an unexpected compliment… anything counts.

Sometimes I think many injustices and humanity issues could be solved only with “kindness.” Well, but humans are so complex, aren’t we?

Growing up, my son always described me as the kindest mother in the world. I think it was because I gave him lots of legos and train sets between you and me. How fun was to play with him:)

But, the truth is that, for the most part, I felt okay with being a giver. In some cases, it was not without regrets and resentment. Saying yes and give when somebody asked didn’t sit well. I kept giving, even when my gut was telling “NO WAY, STOP!”What I realized is that even kindness has boundaries, and it’s related to our self-worth…

In some cases, I was doing it because I was too afraid of what people thought and stuck in the syndrome of the good girl. Truthfully, I was not respecting and honoring myself. It took lots (I mean really, lots, lots) of practice to include the word “NO” in my vocabulary.

You know that it’s a big and powerful word, don’t you? What helped me? I started taking notes of what made me feel uncomfortable and why. I made a list of things that I was tolerating and did not serve the human I am.

Then, declaring who I am is like embracing a new identity based on what I discovered. This changed everything, even anxiety. And, my business.

In the end, I am still a kind person but aligned with values and with integrity for me and others.So, own your voice, claim your message, and shine! With kindness and boundaries!

Be inspired by the beauty of colors

The gold color has many meanings, from success, luxury, abundance… material wealth.

I see gold as the sun bright in the sky, providing a rich life to our planet. If we tap into the zodiac, it’s the self, shining inside-out.Check out the perfect definition below from “The Glitter Guide.”

A driven busy gal who strives to achieve her goals
in life while attaining a beautiful glow
both inside and out

But of course, always protect your heart, it’s golden:)

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