Taking charge of our life with one refection at the time

Brand Alchemy

Regardless of how you do it, yearly, quarterly, 2,3-5-years plans, we all have goals and milestones.

And, we all start the new stage the best intentions, strength, passion, and motivation to get it done.In the beginning of the year your intentions might have looked like this:-I will create that course
-I will write that book
-I will grow my email list
-I will create something as powerful and beautiful that changes peoples life’s forever
-I will reach to prominent online publications to have more exposure to my business

By now, you might have checked all the boxes, a few or none. Some things went well. Others are still unfolding. Some, well, are fantastic learning lessons.

Don’t quit, don’t feel discouraged because of the things you didn’t achieve yet. The year is not over yet. We still have a long way to go.


Don’t be hard on yourself. The mom in ET had an alien in her house for days and didn’t notice.–Unknown

So, gather thoughts, go deep, and revise your goals, reflect. I am going through this process myself. Some things seemed so aligned a few months ago but not anymore. Others gained strength, all gates open, and more than enough energy to make it happen.

It’s time to declutter, let things go (which is not quitting), and refocus.

All the best is coming, now!
Go for it!
You got this!
I believe in you.

Be inspired by the beauty of colors

The color yellow, the color of self, and the sun is wonderful for a fun, hopeful feeling in a brand.Your brand becomes a ray of bright sunshine, shining from within.

If you use yellow, you’ll inspire self-expression and creativity–living a life of cheerful, loving yellows to warm everyone around you.

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