The cancer brand is psychic, loving and nurturing

Brand Forecast

Every month we dive in and become alchemists to create a monthly archetype, with wizard hats and such. Archetypes are powerful in branding and are fundamentals and the first step we do in our tiny (but mighty) design agency.

Carl Jung coined the archetypes to define the human mind. These archetypes are recurrent themes or universal patterns, presumably occurring across all cultures and times. Pretty cool!It gets even better; he also thought archetypes influence human behavior more than anything else.

They define who we are and how we act—even more than logic, persuasion, and emotion. Wow! We love how these concepts help our clients clarify who they are and how their personality shows up in the brand. In the end, the brand speaks to both their own soul and their audience–their Alma Audience.

A win-win-win for authenticity and a bad loss for scarcity and fear-based marketing.In our own style, we create archetypes based on neuroscience, psychology, and astrology’s magic, so they become alive in a beautiful piece of art.

If this your birth sign, take a look; knowing who you are and how to express yourself creatively is the most potent branding and business tool. Nobody can copy that.

The psychic nurturer
Cancer brand archetype


Brand inspiration

Real fearlessness is the product of tenderness. It comes from letting the world tickle your heart, your raw and beautiful heart. You are willing to open up, without resistance or shyness, and face the world. You are willing to share your heart with others.–Rinpoche
(As seen in The Stars Within You by Juliana McCarthy)


Ruling planet

The moon, the ruler of emotion


The Crab

Brand Quintessence

With love all barriers vanish, only then we create abundance and flow.

Brand brilliance & gifts

My moon is in cancer, so I am so emotional, all feelings, sensitivity, “moods,” and contradictions. For a long time, I did not understand why and tried to hide my feelings and pretend that I was chill with everything. Well, mind-body-soul suffered big time with tons of anxiety.

The lesson learned is: denying your nature is never a good thing. Now, I love every single emotion and feeling as they keep my core values in check and help with self-expression, the magnificent way of being.

You can blame it on your ruler planet, the moon. You shift like the tides and bear powerful force underneath.

No one can nurture and feel like a Cancer. As you enter a room, you feel the vibes. You love family and home, inviting us to a warm and comfortable environment–the world of safety, unselfish and unconditional love. You listen and provide wise concealing to the ones in need, helping others seeing the world through the lens of gentle love and acceptance.

Everyone looks at you as the #motherpower! You can be a nurturer life coach, but with your big vision, you sort opportunities and see what others dismiss in all aspects of business and life.

Then, like the crab, she withdraws when feeling vulnerable, fearful of exposing the true nature. Sometimes you just want to hide, other, going out in a crazy adventure is the way to go.

It’s not easy to learn what to do with all these emotions. Still, once you know, you fulfill your purpose: breaking barriers by mastering emotions and spreading love.

Brand colors & photography

Sea green and silver, the colors of water and the moon. Spread your message with images of families getting together (cooking, gentle parties), homes with nurturing beautiful, comfy decor, long baths for self-care.


Famous Cancer

Illustrations created by Luana Santos and Sofia Santos

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