A Leo roars self-empowering with a touch of fun

Brand Forecast

Every month we dive in and become alchemists to create a monthly archetype, with wizard hats and such. Archetypes are powerful in branding and are fundamentals and the first step we do in our tiny (but mighty) design agency.

Carl Jung coined the archetypes to define the human mind. These archetypes are recurrent themes or universal patterns, presumably occurring across all cultures and times. Pretty cool!It gets even better; he also thought archetypes influence human behavior more than anything else.

They define who we are and how we act—even more than logic, persuasion, and emotion. Wow! We love how these concepts help our clients clarify who they are and how their personality shows up in the brand. In the end, the brand speaks to both their own soul and their audience–their Alma Audience.

A win-win-win for authenticity and a bad loss for scarcity and fear-based marketing.In our own style, we create archetypes based on neuroscience, psychology, and astrology’s magic, so they become alive in a beautiful piece of art.

If this your birth sign, take a look; knowing who you are and how to express yourself creatively is the most potent branding and business tool. Nobody can copy that.

The loving performer
Leo brand archetype


Brand inspiration

Radiate boundless love toward the entire world–above, below, and across–unhindered, without ill will, without enmity. –Buddha
(As seen in The Stars Within You by Juliana McCarthy)



The Lion

Ruling planet

The sun, the ruler of ego and self-expression

Brand Quintessence

I am here to shine my light and help you enjoy life with love.


Brand brilliance & gifts

Leo’s season is on! We enter the zodiac sign of spontaneity, romance, and creativity. Don’t you feel the power of self and identity kicking in? It’s summer, and the sun is in full strength. The source of life on Earth as we know it.

When it comes to branding, Leo’s archetype is a loving performer. I was inspired by Mr. Francisco, my dad, which is a true Leo. He’s a talker, the life of the party, humorous, entertaining, and intelligent. The center of our universe, always loving and fun.

Leos are warm and have such a passion for life as they are life itself. They stand out in a crowd with their royal and luxurious style. But they are more than that. Their outstanding inspirational speaking skills bring a smile and inspire us to take action to live our dreams.

The inspiration Leo brings is deep. Leo sees the ones hiding in the spotlight. You see their unique potential and encourage them to create their own path and shine (just like you).

It comes with no surprise that a Leo brand is a leader in any field. You could be an inspirational speaker or coach. Let go of the ego and the need to be loved by anyone. It all starts with self-love, coming from your core. Follow your heart, and as they say, the world is your oyster.

Brand colors & photography

Gold, orange, yellow, all the magnetic colors of the sun. Just shine! If you mix these colors with pics of loving environments, beach and play… you’re brand is unstoppable, darling Leo!


Famous Leo

Illustrations created by Luana Santos and Sofia Santos

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