Chop, Chop, it’s not over yet, it’s never too late to make it happen

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This past week I was reminded several times that July is coming to an end.

Yep, we are here, the end of July.

Perhaps, you had all kinds of exciting goals back then in January.

– This year, I will create that course and make an impact.
– This year, I will write a book.
– This year, I will raise my prices and work with only my dream clients.
– This year, I’ll get off my phone and live more.
– This year…

I had that too. As I went through my goals, my heart started sinking in. It has been an incredible year in so many ways. Time really flew at a fast pace. At the same time, well, there were setbacks, delays, and disappointments now and then. As a consequence, I let go of my dreams a bit.

Like me, you might be over the moon with what you achieved and/or unmotivated or discouraged with what did not go as planned. We can have all these feelings at the same time.

In my reflection, I realized that I need to make changes, empowered and aligned decisions, roll up my sleeves and get to work with power moves.

Soooo, this year is not over yet, and it’s never too late to get back on track.

Remember:” Instant results are easy. Quitting is easy. Neither will make you proud.”–Brooke Castillo.

Our message is: Live on purpose. Be intentional with your actions. Dive in, all in, heart and soul, get excited, and make it happen.

I love these simple and effective daily habits from Michele Obama: ⁣

1. Read every day⁣
2. Make your health a priority⁣
3. Learn from people you admire⁣
4. Plan your day the night before⁣
5. Keep your goals in front of you⁣
6. Take action, even when it’s scary⁣
7. Have an attitude of gratitude⁣

We can set ourselves up for success every day.

Small actions lead to huge rewards and success.

Keep shining!

Be inspired by the beauty of colors

When we go back to our childhood art lessons, mixing red and white gives you the color pink. But, being transparent, pink was never my color, not even when I was a little girl.

But, when I started creating magnetic brands for game-changers like you, I realized that my personal taste is irrelevant. The process, my clients, and the research taught me so much. The only flavor that matters is yours, as a personal brand, and that of your audience. Beyond taste, colors create in-depth bonds, a way of communicating emotionally with your audience.

Colors have so much history, stories, and significance behind them.

The color pink is calming, feminine, associated with love and kindness. But, for so many people, it is far too girly. With societal misconceptions about what it is to be a woman and expressing it in its entirety, pink is often associated with weakness. Like something we should not take seriously. In so many instances, pink has been used as a means to shame others.

Going back to the art lessons, pink arises by toning down red, the color of aggression and passion, resulting in a tender, nurturing color. That’s all that counts now.

So, while I still might not have tons of pink in my wardrobe, it now has a special place in my heart and life. With all beauty, pink is my way of expressing self-love and my femme, unapologetically.

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