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Everything is evolving one way or the other. Our surroundings, our personal reality, our business change, we change.

We are allowed to do so. We define our own terms on our own way to happiness.One day we are making our business work in one specific direction and get the feeling of something missing.

An all-new 360º approach, create new products or courses. Heck, a whole new business, for that matter. All good, remember, the universe has a mysterious way of showing us the right path for us.

These transitions, either in life or business, are scary and very much exciting. Of course, we can decide to go for it or not, all good. But if we take a leap of faith, even more magic can happen.

In the evolution of our business, going in a different direction might mean that you need a re-brand to recreate everything from scratch, but not necessarily. Especially if you’ve been previously creating a personal brand.

A personal brand is unique as it is linked to who you are and your superpowers. If you have been authentic, only a few additional details are needed. The brand pillars are already solid. The brand expands on what you already have. The transformation is as natural as your growth.


Lana Marks is a brand for every moment, the red carpet, the stars, and the moon.

As beautifully described on their website: “LANA MARKS is a family-owned and run business that creates the most luxurious exotic skin handbags and accessories. Founded in 1987 by Ambassador Lana Marks, the brand is synonymous with quality and style.”

Lana J. Marks started the brand over 30 years ago with one handbag called the lunchbox in red alligator. Since then, she has built a high-end luxury brand based on style, quality, and unsurpassed luxury.

All the handbags are designed by a woman for women, meaning that aesthetic does not sacrifice functionality. Who does not love a beautiful handbag that carries what we need wherever we go?

The designs are elegant, cutting-edge, and purposeful. Putting such care, love, and beauty into what is created pay off.The handbags are a favorite of Hollywood stars and royalty worldwide.

You can see the handbags on red carpets, premieres, award shows, and the most elite parties. Think, late Princess Diana, Helen Mirren, Christina Aguilera, Oprah, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Winslet, and so much more.


Re-creating an already outstanding brand, no detail was overlooked

Tiffany Isaacs is Lana Marks’s new CEO and has the critical task of carrying out the family legacy. So fun! We know you’re going to be amazing.

Tiffany is not a newbie in the fashion world. Instead, she comes with over 15 years of experience in fashion buying in New York City and London. She held various buying roles at Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-a-porter, and Kurt Geiger/Selfridges.

The brand expansion was created with Tiffany’s personal in mind, fun and whimsical while keeping the classy and luxurious style that the brand already owned. The mood brand reflects just that with a clean and minimalistic feeling and the elegant black, white, and gold color palette.

black is powerful, sophisticated, glamorous

gold is personal, power, successful, warm, wise, enlightening, wealthy, generous, compassionate, caring, loving, giving

white is clean, pure, simple, fresh.

gray is quiet, natural, balanced, stable, practical, timeless

cream is neutral, calm, and relaxing

The classic LANA MARKS shield logo had a refresh with the inclusion of the launch year. For brand continuation and identification, this is the logo for the handbags. But how about all the other brand elements, such as websites, boxes, or shopping bags? We created a whole new alternative logo, clean and simple for a modern feel.

As a brand is much more than a logo, we did not stop here, and kept going. We added stationery, gifts, cards, totes, and all that builds a memorable, unique brand experience from the get-go, and no detail is overlooked.

Did I mention the new website? It’s like their luxurious handbags, perfectly beautiful and functional as all websites should be. I am drooling. That’s what we called a brand that does the talk and walks the walk.

After all, a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous (Coco Chanel) and live like:

“Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway.”–Coco Chanel


Do you need help creating a magnetic brand? Book a rescue section. We can’t wait to learn more and explore possibilities about working together 1-on-1 to create a bespoken brand for you with all the glitter, glamor with grace, and love.

The new LANA MARKS brand

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