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Systemic racism and white supremacy or sexual abuse should not be treated as a trend when something terrible grabs our attention on the news or rage worth on social media. Unfortunately, injustice happens to people because they are black, brown, LBGTQ, or women. And, yes, the USA penal system allows for much of this to happen, silently, every day, especially to black Americans.

So, dive in, learn more about the amazing, nonsense woman Trulie Nix and her movement Penal Talk. We can create long-lasting changes if we care and dare to learn more about untaught history. Or by listening, with empathy and compassion, without prejudice, to untold, often uncomfortable stories that shaped the world we live in.

The truth and knowledge are always more powerful than darkness. Let them challenge our beliefs, transform our misconceptions. Then, instead of hiding our heads in the sand, we take action with our hearts and mind.

About Trulie Nix and her superpowers.

I’m a work in progress. I have a role as a woman, mother, provider & protector. But as an entrepreneur, and knowledge seeker

I’ve taken an honest assessment of myself.

Sometimes I can be opinionated but not judgmental.

I freely share my thoughts and feelings, but

I don’t allow myself to be vulnerable.

I can be insensitive because I’m impatient and decisive.

I want to continue learning, seeking out new opportunities and challenges.

I want to ensure my professional and personal decisions are in accordance with my values. I want to remain honest, with myself and others, as well as have the flexibility to adjust my thinking or behavior as needed.

My goal is to be a contributing global citizen and leave the world a better place than I found it.

A personal brand.
Trulie living her art.

I would like to create a revolution around…
healing emotional wounds

What inspires you…
I’m inspired by the good deeds of others. There is no better motivator.

My fav person in the world…
A really good friend of 35 years. We recently made a pledge to speak to each other weekly. I always feel smarter after speaking to him

I cherish…
I cherish my children.

I despise…
I despise bullies.

Words to live by…
“It’s never to late to live your life”–Benjamin Button

The outfit of your life is…
Leisure wear all day long.

If I was a color I would be…

If I was a celebrity I would be…
April Tam Smith, Owner of PS Kitchen.

If I was an animal I would be…
A Snake. I have a serious phobia.

If I was a scent I would be…
Spicy Wood.

If I was a symbol I would be…
A sex symbol.

If I was a word I would be…

Are you related to fire, water, air, or earth?

I would love to live in…
San Diego.

If I was a season, I would be…
I would be summer.

A personal brand.
Trulie’s brand story

How did you get here? Is your company founded on a family history that brought you to this point? Or are you blazing your trail?

I had family member who was incarcerated and during those 10 years he kept hearing the same story.

Young black men, either being coerced into confession, or accepting plea bargains not understanding how the decision will forever impact their lives. He thought it would be beneficial to the urban community to display the penal code on t-shirts to educate about the law. A sort of forewarning.

Twenty years later, I took up the call to action when the #MeToo movement flooded the airwaves and started to research sexual assault crimes. What I found was victims being further victimized by the criminal justice symptom because sexual assaults are hard to be prove. And when proven the sentencing for the crime committed is up to the discretion of the judges, which are 73% white males who have a lack of understanding and sympathy for the sexual violence survivors.

The more I learned the more upset I got. The information I discovered would have never crossed my path unless I or someone close to me was a victim and by that time, it would be too late. Penal Clothing motto is “don’t let something happen to you or the ones you love before you take action.”

This is penal clothing purpose, providing information about criminal topics not known or discussed in an ingestible platform for the general public, with the intent to inspire action for change.

Why do you do what you do, and why does it matter?
I feel at risk of being in a situation that can cause me harm and not know how to manage. I don’t think I’m the only one who may not be aware of my civil or constitutional rights. In addition, most people don’t have an in-depth knowledge of the American history that has caused a discord between black and white Americans.

What’s your mission and vision?
Penal Talk vision is to share knowledge of how the U.S. penal system was created and how it affects all aspects of society as well as share the untold history and stories of black America as to in part empathy, cultural tolerance and develop allies for social change.

What drives you forwards when otherwise you might just give up?
The untaught history of America leads to an abundance of ignorance and intolerance. This lack of knowledge breeds contempt, a lack of compassion , compliance of systematic racism and abuse. The continuous injustice has no sign of stopping without the ongoing efforts of those who insist on change. As a mother of 2 children I’m making an effort to raise adults who are not just compassionate and empathic but also know their purpose in the world.

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