The season of transitions and new beginnings is here

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The season of transitions and new beginnings is here. You already know what to do.

As I left my son at Austin, I couldn’t help but feel a strong sense of emptiness and worry (the world has been filled with craziness lately). On a whim, we are empty nesters again, and uncertainty has been a given for the past 18 months. Driving back home, I thought about transitions and new beginnings, both in season during September.

As we see the number of months behind us and only three to go, we get that feeling “time flew, and I did not achieve anything this year.” We are terribly hard on ourselves at any given opportunity, aren’t we?

Right:) The truth is that I did not achieve tons like I wished, but I did a few things the best I could. This year of 2021, a few unexpected bumps and unanticipated highs and lows. I’ve been in a more decluttering than goal achieving mode. The roller coaster is meant to help me focus on what I really want, replace old pains with joy, and bring out my true brilliance to serve others. The process of becoming the next version of myself, hopefully, up-leveled.

Now September is on, we are transitioning to the fall and the new school starting. Transitions and new beginnings are at play, just like a “new” new year’s timestamp. So, it’s time to reconnect with ourselves, in our version of success, and achieve.

I’ll write down two or three goals, break them down into tiny, baby steps, and be laser-focused and intentional with my actions. This time around, I must be more specific. Creating only what brings immense happiness to me and others–makes us feel alive, connected, and engaged with this little crazy thing we call life. So do it for you too, make it happen, get it done, with wild grace.

A few monthly tidbits of inspiration for your personal brand are below. And, send me a note here about your plans, let’s have fun together.

Be inspired by the Fall breathing around!

Be inspired by the mood of September

The mood for September is inspired by what is happening in nature, our muse, and we can’t get enough of her (unapologetically!).

The bright colors of summer are being muted and replaced with fall’s pastel colors.

Yet, we can still see hints of green up on trees and other plants, which will soon turn gold and brown.

Design tidbit

Have you been paying attention to your website lately? Do you even remember you have one? I know, I know, we tend to let it go, dam, even updating plugins is a struggle.

We are all geared towards our social media presence and engagement nowadays. But, the ol’ website is an essential part of your online business. It helps with credibility, brand message, and getting leads. So, don’t let it go; it needs constant nurturing too.

If your website was created a while ago, chances are that the color palette is dated. So go in and bring it to the 21st century, please. Your brand is going to love it and love you back!

Live unapologetically

As we set our new beginnings, let the habit of hiding behind and rise above the online noise.

Take it from Dolly and Madonna.



Find out who you are and do it on purpose.–Dolly Parton



A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That’s why they don’t get what they want.– Madonna

Spread your magic with storytelling

We are all living transitions and new beginnings, but September has more of that than others seasons. So be inspired by the season and write a story about one fundamental transition/change you had that helped you become more of who you are today.

As we navigate life as students, how can you help to balance life and work? Is that even possible? What have you learned?

Back to school is in full swing this month. So course creators step up and get on board, make promotions and offer a bonus encouraging your peeps to sign up.

Personal brand archetype of September

Libra brand archetype is knocking at the door! As the Loving Artist, she reminds us that life is love, beauty, and harmony.

And, nobody does that like Libra. Learn more about the Loving Artist.

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