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If in September we saw nature starting to fade her bright colors, Fall is now in its full strength displaying its fiery brown shades. So it’s time to cozy up, lit up fireplaces or pits outside, and enjoy the chilling weather with a warm drink. And, of course, have orange pumpkins to spice up the environment.

I read somewhere that whole of September is an extended Halloween’s eve. It is undoubtedly an exciting way to put it. The excitement of a fun holiday is coming just around the corner. We should always be looking forward to something that lifts our spirits.

Growing up in Portugal, Halloween was not a tradition, so we did not celebrate it back then. I only learned more about Halloween after moving to the USA. But, I came to love it! Taking the kid for trick-or-treating, making costumes, and hosting (and attending) parties where witch fingers and scary-eyed drinks are a requisite. And, checking what treats my kiddo scored by the end of the night? Priceless!!!! And, I don’t even like candies (exception being chocolate, of course!).

The origins of Halloween are an intermix of Christian and Pagan traditions. We celebrate it with a touch of horror, with skulls, skeletons, and Jack-o’-lanterns. These were meant to frighten and cleanse evil spirits before honoring all the saints and souls we lost the next day, on November 1st.

The horrific, gory images are probably not taken seriously nowadays, but they are still eerie, aren’t they? So, this month we too can bring a touch of spookiness into our brand. We can either add a ghost, or pumpkin, or emojis to our post captions. How about wearing crazy spooky leggings every October’s day? Or, does throwing a Halloween all-week party sound good? And, a particular offering for the occasion? Simply delicious!

There’s something else we can do, too–mixed with emojis and themed leggings or tequila cocktails (required in all instances besides Halloween). We can wear our witch hats to help our audience overcome fears (or get rid of anything creepy that still lingers in their lives like a ghost). Telling our story on how we overcame our fears is one way. Being spooked is part of our own experience as humans, either in real-life experiences or stories we tell ourselves. Everyone relates to those, and it is an opportunity for us to share our own views to help others look fears in the eye and kick them out for good.

Turn yourself into a fun and inspiring ghost (or witch), surprise our audience with empowering messages and make the Halloween spirit of treat-or-treat last the whole year.

In addition, have tons of belly laughs with this month’s spirit not only to kicks fears out but also to fuel your dreams. Even if they still spook you a bit for now.

Spread your magic

This month’s spookiness is at the centerpiece of your “brand table.” Being spooky has little to do with scaring your audience with bro marketing tactics. Instead, sharing a story about conquered fears will inspire and make you relatable–even if not everything is figured out just yet. This is not about ranting or dumping all negativity into an article or post. It is about authentically sharing how you feel and sharing how you can help them overcome that little (or big) nagging thing that keeps them stuck.

Besides sharing the story, as we celebrate National Book Month, you can lead them to a book(s) that helped in the journey. In addition, October is the emotional wellness month. Unleashing our emotions and keeping them in check without being ruled by them is a tough job. How did fears, mistakes, hurdles affect your mental health? What daily activities or products help you?

Then, October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Maybe we go and adopt one dog or volunteer to help at a local shelter. Or there’s already a furry friend at your home. Or a story about one that took your heart and soul by storm? Isn’t it heartbreaking to see so many dogs are still neglected in this world? Let’s change this!

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