A “Trouble” that is good for the soul with Daniela Rosu

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I met Daniela, who is a Pet’s Therapist, a few years ago when I felt that I was not reaching out and understanding the cues of John Bonham, my precious Bonzo. We were having challenges with the kiddo at school, starting the business, and I was pretty much alone as hubby was working in another state. I was all over the place and nowhere. Know the drill? So I lost connection and want to learn how to best help my friends, assistants, helpers. You know… dogs.

I was skeptical about doing this, but Daniela nailed it during our session. She tapped into his personality, and we even had a funny conversation (me and Bonzo) through her. He was a fun and playful dog in his own unique way. Forever grateful as after that I felt the connection again. So, now, after this short introduction, dive in. This beautiful woman is a must-know, pure love and intuition. Great personal story and brand! And if you’re called to work with her, do it! Trust and believe and you won’t regret it. She’s the best dog therapist that you need to keep near you. 

A personal brand.
Daniela living her art.

What are your superpowers?

I’m a pet therapist providing complementary therapies for animals: Intuitive Animal Communication, Animal Reiki, Advanced Photonic Therapy, WEBB (Whole Energy Body Balance) Bodywork, Somatic Relaxation Technique.

I would like to create a revolution around…
Environment protection.

What inspires you…
Nature and animals.

My fav person in the world…
I have few favorites, however I’m working to be my favorite person in the world.

I cherish…
Sunrises, friendships and family.

I despise…
Manipulation, domination, materialism.

I would like to create a revolution around…
Environment protection.

What inspires you…
Nature and animals.

My fav person in the world…
I have few favorites, however I’m working to be my favorite person in the world.

I cherish…
Sunrises, friendships and family.

I despise…
Manipulation, domination, materialism.

Words to live by…
Intuition, energy, flow, love, compassion, balance.

The outfit of your life is…
Discovery and self-discovery, continues development, intuitive living, connecting with nature and animals.

If I was a color I would be…
Violet / indigo

If I was a celebrity I would be…

If I was an animal I would be…
A bear.

If I was a scent I would be…

If I was a symbol I would be…

If I was a word I would be…

Are you related to fire, water, air, or earth?
Earth and Air.

I would love to live in…
village by the sea

If I was a season, I would be…
Spring when all the nature comes back to life

I am clean and crisp or artsy and textured or modern or vintage or imperfect or symmetric…
Perfectly imperfect

A personal brand.
Daniela’s brand story

How did you get here? Is your company founded on a family history that brought you to this point? Or are you blazing your trail?

I believe my true story begin when I left my country Romania 18 years ago and started to work in Kuwait. And I believe this coincided with my desire of searching for my meaning in life. I will try to make it short as there are so many things that influenced my story. I felt lost after a marriage break-up, my job allowed me to move away from Kuwait and relocate to Bahrain with my dog Trouble, adopted by me after she was rescued in the middle of the Kuwait desert.

In this small island of Bahrain I found my peace in discovering the beautiful world of crystals and the energy surrounding them. Furthermore, in a moment of sincerity with myself I listed down the things that I would like to learn about more. I had a tough decision to make between working with people or with animals. Living in a country which was not my home and working with animals was not something approachable, I decided to enroll to become a Health Coach.

Although I was into a health lifestyle by then, still the course was so powerful that made my decide to change my career. I decided to quit my job as a Recruiter (where I was also helping people changing their career to the best) to a Health Coach helping people to change their lifestyle. I packed, took my dog Trouble and moved to Vienna, Austria where I decided to setup my own business and practice Health Coaching. And while trying to build my own business as a health coach, life showed me that this was just a step in discovering further my own way, my story. Health coaching was just the beginning.

Though the people I met, friends I made , they all guided me to met an animal communicator to help me with my dog which was not adapting in this beautiful city. Or maybe she was just showing me that I was not adapting and she was letting me know that this was not the end stop for me, that I just scratched the surface.

She helped me to open the door to anima communication, to came back to what I have to do and should have decided maybe from the beginning – that working with animals is what I have to do. In order to do that I need to have a sustained financial income, to have a steady job returned with my dog to Bahrain and took back my job to work as a recruitment consultant which allowed my to pay for my studies.

In 2 years I become an intuitive animal communicator. As my dog aged, I decided that will be the time to take a last trip with her by plane and returned back home to Bucharest, Romania. I continued to learn about different complementary therapies to work with animals and I’m grateful for my soul dog Trouble for showing me the way to discover my meaning in life and creating my story.

 Shortly my story above shows how did I get where I am today. No family business, it was my own trail to discover.

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What inspired you to create your business? Was there a pivotal moment in your life that unleashed a dream or vision? 

My true inspiration is the love of my life, my soul dog Trouble! It took few years to understand that she came into my life with a mission and she was by my side almost 15 years as a true mentor. I learned everything I could about dogs fearing her departure, her leaving me. I could not stopped that, or prevent it and that broke my heart in pieces again. Her love keeps me going from the other side now and with her memory always on my mind I’m continuing this work creating a legacy of helping other animals as I could not help her.

She was the pivotal moment, the moment I’ve met her and came into my life as a birthday gift. I fall in love in love with her from the first moment I saw her. How could I ever knew that she came to change my life? And she did so many things for me to finally understand that is something more there than my love for a dog. I loved her so much that it scared me. And then I knew that I have to do something about it.

One day, stubborn as she was to make me angry of not listening to me I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and I was lost, I felt like falling into a tunnel of time. That’s was a moment when I went back and enrolled in an Animal Communication training. Even now, when she is continuing her journey on a different dimension I’m thinking at that moment, looking deep into her eyes and I know we are connected finding strength to continue my work, to find my meaning in life and build my story.

Why do you do what you do, and why does it matter?

It was a bumpy road to unpeel many layers covering my broken heart. A broken heart by the loss of my first dog in my childhood, a moment deep frozen in my heart. And it was my soul dog Trouble which came into my life so unexpected to open my heart and melt my frozen broken pieces kept hidden unconsciously, and create a mix of emotions and feelings that I never had before.

Trouble, through her wild and brilliant spirit showed me the way back to myself, of what I love and why I do what I do now. It does matter because it makes me rediscover myself and after so many years to be my authentic me.

What’s your mission and vision?

My mission is to with animals, make them feel good, recover from sickness, traumas, accidents or allow them to have a good life in their senior years. And see their own people relieved and happy that they can help their own pets. At the end it another way of working with people ☺ It’s all connected.

I do also lots of volunteer work in animal sanctuaries helping animals with no home and rescued from tragic events.

My vision is still on the making, its changing. I vision myself in creating my own practice but with no limitation to a specific location. Its evolving and I’m curios myself of where will this bring me.

What drives you forwards when otherwise you might just give up?
Seeing animals recover is so rewarding (and I’m not talking here about financial rewarding). It’s a hard work and takes time, but once you open the communication channel with the animals and I have their approval in helping them, its so worthwhile, keeps me moving forward to learn more and more things which help me helping them.

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