Tapping into the power of resilience during the brown moments of life

Brand Alchemy

In some moments or seasons are hard to stay motivated. Yet, at some stage, you were inspired to start something. You are motivated, strong, and confident. You poured your heart and soul into a new offering, growth, anything that lights you up.

Then, either things are steady and going your way or just don’t. Even if you’re creating the massive success you want, you feel kind of… meh. Then, frustrations and disappointments pop up out of the blue.

It feels like we have a constant engulfing shadow around us during these moments. We feel stuck, flowing, and fulfillment is kind in the void. One way or another, we all have experienced these terrifying feelings at some point in our lives. Shit happens, right?

Well, there are things meant to be quitted. Learning to let go is part of life. Period, not much to do there. But there are extraordinary things that are intended to be, not quitting. Now what they need is perhaps a fresh and different perspective and action steps.

It is time to build resilience–our creative capacity to recover quickly (or, on our own timing) from the hurdles of life.

It always reminds me of winter and earthy brown when I think about resilience. Brown is the most prominent color here in New Mexico, and in the winter gets even browner and somehow depressive. But beneath the winter browns are stability, reliability, growth, home, dependability, security, and safety. All the attributes we gain when we build our resilience. And, it is a humbling experience that we all need once in a while.

So, how do you keep going when things look grim and far from perfect? How can we handle this with resilience?

First, it’s okay not feeling okay. Give yourself grace. Then rise from the ashes. Even if your confidence is shredded into pieces, look closer to see any tiny wins in the situation. Make a list of them all. We tend to focus on the negative, staying there and beating ourselves up. But, there is at least one small win you can celebrate!

Then, go on and flip the situation? Is there any valuable lesson to be learned? Then, go a step further. Is there anything I can improve? Search for both answers deeply.

You are more powerful than you think; tap into it and try again.

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