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Is your 2023 in full swing?
I’m still seeing so many posts on social media about the goals people will crush this year or the vision they have for themselves in 2023. The usual drill is that these posts gradually morph into either giving themselves a pass for not achieving what they said they would or fizzling out into complete silence.
Most of us start a new year embracing the most essential qualities in ourselves. Still, life happens, and sometimes it’s tough to consistently live up to those standards. It happens to everyone, right? Me included.
As I don’t want this precious life to feel like a torture chamber filled with pressure and shame. I’m approaching this year’s “goals” differently. It took me a while to shift into “work mode” in January. Instead of being in a rush and having all things above and beyond planned out as soon as the New Year started, I took time and tackled things slowly. Simplicity is a must:)
It got me thinking about what I would love to grow like a mushroom after a rainy day in 2023. And, I am called to Serenity. It resonates with what I want to invite for me and see in others. Even my planner has Serenity on the cover. And we created a Brand-on-Tap called Serenity.
Serenity originates from the inside out. The kind of flowing inner peace, resilient and sustainable through life’s ups and downs (because it happens inevitably).
So, what does Serenity mean? Here it goes:
Self comes first to avoid freaking burnt out (your body-mind-soul will dance in gratitude).
Engaged to overcome meh and soulless living.
Rich to support the journey of being you.
Elegance in being and everything you create.
Natural flow, so you don’t resort to schemes and strategies that are not yours to take.
Ignite radical self-expression in others and me.
Talent in service of others.
Yeah, to celebrate life every day!
And, significantly, reaching Serenity surrounded with color makes life “prettier” and enhances its meaning.

It’s vibrant, brave, and fearless, bringing joy and optimism to creating a life written with fresh strokes. So to inspire you to rebel and ignite your life, we create a few design elements to bring Viva Magenta’s spirit into your world this year. Take a look and grab it by subscribing below:)

Tons of fun, isn’t it? The perfect hue to kickstart 2023 and keep your brand influential.

With love,


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