It’s a Libra time to the year–The Loving Artist is here

It’s a Libra time to the year–The Loving Artist is here

It’s a Libra time to the year–The Loving Artist is here

Every month we dive in and become alchemists to create a monthly archetype, with wizard hats and such. Archetypes are powerful in branding and are fundamentals and the first step we do in our tiny (but mighty) design agency. Carl Jung coined the archetypes to define the human mind. These archetypes are recurrent themes or universal patterns, presumably occurring across all cultures and times. Pretty cool!

It gets even better; he also thought archetypes influence human behavior more than anything else. They define who we are and how we act—even more than logic, persuasion, and emotion. Wow! We love how these concepts help our clients clarify who they are and how their personality shows up in the brand. In the end, the brand speaks to both their own soul and their audience–their Alma Audience. A win-win-win for authenticity and a bad loss for scarcity and fear-based marketing.

In our own style, we create archetypes based on neuroscience, psychology, and astrology’s magic,

so they become alive in a beautiful piece of art. If this your birth sign, take a look; knowing who you are and how to express yourself creatively is the most potent branding and business tool. Nobody can copy that.

The Loving Artist – Libra archetype

The new fall season started a few days ago, and we have a new kid on the block. Libra is here to remind us that life is love, beauty, and harmony. And, nobody does that like Libra.

Brand Quintessence
I balance with harmony and love

Brand Brilliance & Gifts
The brand brings harmony to the world through relationship and partnership. Diplomatic at heart, she brings peace and reconciliation to an otherwise chaotic world. Your drive is to promote intimacy and sensuality, love and beauty.

Are you ready to be an influencer? Even as a possible introvert, you shine in public life, which brings immense wealth potential. Always charming, loving, gracious and warming, you bring people together as a mediator or a diplomat. You are committed to finding creative solutions and getting things done. And, if you’re artistically inclined, you’ll thrive as your sense of aesthetic is elevated. Share it with the world to bring harmony and beauty, make everyone’s day shine.

Don’t forget, love starts with self-love, and by blindly chasing the love of others you might lose your identity. And, sometimes, done is better than perfect!

Brand Colors
The loving artist colors are romantic and nostalgic, like the mid-fall. You love blue, pink, lavender, pastels, dark crimson, amber, lemon yellow.

Brand Imagery
Sensual and soft colors are infused in hearts, flowers, moon in the sky, sand dunes and beaches, to convey the feelings of love and harmony. The Loving Artist connects well with circular and curving shapes, natural and sensual objects, and beautiful art.


Monthly GPS for The Loving Artist

Short and sweet guidelines to live your life at your best and the fullest.

The monthly report was create by the tarot expert Tania Santos. Can you believe it that she does reads and helps people with tarot and much more since she was 12 years-old? Wow, such a talent! Connect with Tania to get your personalized reading here.


Listen to your inner voice, what she’s telling you? Learn to interpret the sign, your GPS to find balance and brighten your day with something new. Are you ready to explore?

You may feel a bit lonely this month. Just follow your enormous desire to surrender and go! Venturing into new experiences and risk fighting for improving a current relationship. Perhaps, a new and more stable relationship is on the horizon that will bring you happiness and fulfillment.

Your health is protected during this month with increased energy; this is your time of the year. But avoid excessive physical and mental wear and tear. After all, you’re the prudence and balance sign, aren’t you? Carry out some routine exams and check-up, so you can relax.

Focus on your end goals, continue your search if you are looking for a new job. Keep your faith and hopes up and do not give in to feelings of tiredness and discouragement. Stay grounded at your job, practice self-care and self-love every single day to keep emotional instability at bay. Take a long weekend, immerse in the beautiful fall colors for inspiration and raise your vibration and energy.

Your gifts with wealth management are in the spotlight this month; keep saving for a rainy day.

A message for you
Meditate to find all the answers you need, have confidence and faith, everything will improve shortly. and awesome


Stories Worth Sharing September 2020

Stories Worth Sharing September 2020

Stories Worth Sharing September 2020

Feed Your Soul

During the lockdown, I discovered Sakara Life and couldn’t be more grateful. The motto “eat clean play dirty” speaks to me, and I believe food is a gateway for many human needs. Not only to heal your body but also your mind and soul, especially the latter. Here are a few things worth trying.

I am in love with these Foods to Unlock the most powerful you.

Music is always inspiring and grounding, to heal the soul and quiet the mind, aka the Zen State-of-Mind.

And, how about self care? Even if your routines work, always good to learn new perspectives that potentially Boost what we have sometimes.

Feed Your Mind

Do you have a love-hate relationship with social media? Me too, regardless of the platform I use and love for connection with clients, friends, and family. I get tired of social media often; there’s so much my brain can take. I only use two, Instagram and Pinterest, and always as a grain of salt. And unplug one or two days per week.

In the documentary Social Dilemma on Netflix, some excellent questions are asked, and solutions are provided. Social media is relatively new, using old marketing tactics in a whole different way. Being aware and critical thinking is a must. Check out the trailer.

Feed Your Body

In the same post, I am sharing all the way healthy food and then comfort foods? Nope, I am not going mad. Sometimes we need a break; comfort is everything we need, especially in the fall and winter. The recipes from Eating Well are astounding and totally possible to make at home.

The rise of the tiny influencer

The rise of the tiny influencer

The rise of the tiny influencer

When Covid-19 started spreading and making its devastating toll, I began to panic a bit. The mood was kind of meh, seeing and feeling the suffering going around.

Personally, I worry about my family here in the USA and parents in Portugal. With the lockdowns, I was not able to support my mom, as I’ve been doing. The worry and anxiety kicked in big time.

The future is always unpredictable, but not this gloomy. With the slow economy, how will small businesses recover from the COVID 19 onslaught? You probably questioned how you’ll survive, I did it too (often). Stepping up to create a business in your own terms

And, wow, didn’t you see all the ads popping up on social media? Everyone had a fast and easy solution for the crisis, using catchy messages based on scarcity or FOMO.

Yet, unknown voices were rising, louder, and doing very well.

What was the difference? They connect with their audience unconventionally.

Instead of doing business as we know it, they spoke from the heart, and soul, with empathy, all in. They were telling inconvenient and painful truths, offering a new perspective, healing courageously.

They did not have a big following but still making an impact (and money). The message real and authentic, not wishy-washy, not just love and light.

Define the new world paradigm, your time is now, tiny influencer!

I get it, I too, had fallen into the trap. The “shinny marketing” is attractive, it feels effortless. We have a family to feed, bills to pay, lost our job, and need money yesterday. We all crave the 6-7 figures months, the freedom to travel the world, the laptop lifestyle. And, here comes someone with a secret formula that unlocks all your desires.

More often than not, the “formulas” never worked for you. These are cookie-cutter formulas that don’t take into account your uniqueness. They put you in a box, and you still left feeling unheard, unseen.

The old way of building a brand, a business, an audience, work for many but not for you. It feels icky individualistic, does not allow to create a better future for all, not only a few.

This is a new paradigm, and you feel it inside you too.

Your audience is craving human touch, soul, and substance. The sugarcoating, one size fits all marketing, is no longer serving the collective, and welcomes the tiny-influencer… You!

Tiny is not small. It is intentional and caring.

So, if you are crazy in love with your work, have a burning desire to change the world with your message, and eager to start the next online (r)evolution…

Your audience is waiting for you and ready to hear your story because it’s also their truth.

Bring your unique personality and gifts to market and stitch them into your brand. Tell your human story to make your audience the hero.

Start where you are, and attract the people you are here to serve with love and empathy. Start with a community as little as 1000 or 100. Spread your love, brilliance, quirks, and flaws, and they will love you and take inspired action to spread “you” in the world. In this human thread, we all win, create a thriving business, and real change.

So, tiny influencer, it is your time to define the future by telling the stories people need right now. Even if they are messy and you feel uncomfortable in sharing them. The world is wide open to love them hard.

Make it promise to yourself, become a brand that matters, even if you start tiny, start by being boldly you.

We create a tiny course to grow you visibility and online influence, follow the link and we can’t wait to see you there!

Stories Worth Sharing August 2020

Stories Worth Sharing August 2020

Stories Worth Sharing August 2020

Feed Your Soul

In this conversation, Yo-Yo Ma talks about his experience and the immense healing power of Music. It is so true.

Kristin Lin of “The On Being Project” writes this excerpt from what Ma said after 9/11 in her newsletter, and it’s beautiful. “Music will be the way that we will come together, because we’re asserting ourselves as a community, as a people, as a city, as whatever. And we need to be together.”

The whole interview is here. Enjoy!

Feed Your Mind

As a scientist and a designer entrepreneur, I love these lists of black business owners. And, yes, and black scientists too. We must support them as there’s not much representation or visibility in these fields, to create a much needed and real change.

A list of black-owned design business created by Dwell is here.

A list of black female entrepreneurs created by Create and Cultivate, check it out here.

A list of black scientists to acknowledge as they make the world understandable and a better place, learn more here.

Feed Your Body

I’ve been following Heidi for so many years and have all her books. And she has a new book coming up next year that I surely won’t miss.

This woman is a powerhouse, inspiring you to think differently about what you eat and how you eat it. I’ve been challenging myself to get my old, manual pasta machine out and try it again.

Go to her website and just have fun!

Home made pasta recipes

I will then try these new recipes, to create a perfect food day of food.

Watermelon Raspberry bowl

Vegan Sushi

Dinner with friends

Steaming vegetables

Vegetarian Poke bowl

Tomato Sourdough Soup

Peace Love Dip

Summer Berry Crisp

CBD gets good branding from these businesses

CBD gets good branding from these businesses

CBD gets good branding from these businesses

photo by Robert Nelson at Unsplash

Our society has put some wrong, negative labels on mental illness, making it worse and preventing people from getting the help they need. So, in people with anxiety and depression disorders, the discomfort takes over, this is very real, you don’t recognize yourself, on top of the disease, you tend to feel “lesser and lesser.”

Please don’t be alone, reach out, connect, your life is too precious, and the world needs you. There’s always a solution, a way out, always. I know, you’re not alone, I’ve been there too often.

The anxiety world is not pretty, but you don’t need to hide it.

The truth is, if you are anxious, you’re suffering! Anxiety has a reason to exist, and the path to recovery is to know the “why’s” behind it. There’s no way around it. Your body and soul are signaling you to look deep.

When I started having panic attacks a few years ago, I was on the brink of severe burnout. When I look back, I now see that I was always looking behind my back, not feeling whole, trying to prove my worth through the

eyes and opinions of others, getting approval, being seen as a good, smart girl.

In short, I was hiding my true self and putting out in the world what others would accept best. That person was decently very dull at the time. I guess I wanted to be loved (who doesn’t, right?) for the wrong reasons and too scared to put my whole personality there, living my own story and human art.

By then, all doctors put me on crazy “traditional” medications, which made me feel much worse. I was desperate, not functioning correctly, seeing my life, relationships, career threading thin. I dumped all the medications and turned to holistic and integrative medicine, mixing western and eastern, and never looked back.

The world of plants are evolving for 450 million years, it’s time to embrace their intelligence and wisdom

Are you a plant medicine aficionado? Yes, I am raising my hand with you. Plant-based products are always my first choice when I am down with something, not too serious.

Of note, I believe that we can combine both alternative medicines and western for better health and planet. Health care must be healthy again, taking into account your unique body physiology and genetic composition.

In essence, we already have all the tools in place to do so, and we should start reconsidering our methods quickly. Also, I am not saying that you should use any of these products, consult your doctor, and together you’ll decide what the best options for you are.

Cannabis – an ode to a brilliant plant

I perhaps came into the CBD game late, but after a few friends star raving about its wonders, I finally start trying a few brands. I was particularly interested if it could help with my occasional anxiety episodes. Besides, since I frequently travel to Portugal, and jet-lag hits me hard, I hoped to solve both these issues naturally and organically.

Cannabidiol (aka CBD) products are all the rage nowadays, CBD is everywhere! A trend is in place, investment is high, and business and products are developed within the hour. In honor of the science nerd in me, I researched a bit to truly understand what was this all about and, let me tell you, I am impressed!

The Cannabis plant is brilliant!!!! All plants are, but seriously, I got high on this one!!!! CBD is one of over 100 chemical products found in it, maybe more that we still don’t know about. The potential for improving human health with little side effects is enormous, from pain relief, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, cancer-related symptoms, heart health, acne, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. Undoubtedly, more is yet to come.

Nonetheless, we still have a long way to go; the results on human health must be backed up by solid scientific research, and regulations put in place. There is the danger of the “CBD” movement becoming a hoax, a mill for unsafe, misleading products to grow, and we might end up not trusting it, not taking advantage of its real benefits. And we don’t want to miss this.

There’s always right in the world – a few brands are crushing it

Obscure business is taking advantage of the trend launching “hocus pocus” products. Lots of unsafe products out there already, which use low-quality ingredients that don’t fulfill their promises. Fortunately for us, reliable businesses are forging the path in the right way. They are taking the lead and the necessary steps to create brand trust, such as backing up their products with scientific evidence, research, and results.

So, I decided to try a few brands that were recommended by people I know and trust. Here they are, meet, Lazarus, Feals, and Mineral.

Truth to be told, for one reason or another, I enjoyed the experiences with all these three brands so far. They all offer premium products and go an extra mile to make you feel loved, with extra touches, these are powerful for brand loyalty and trust.

As reproducible concentration is an issue with CBD production, I ordered the products more than once, and all seem very consistent throughout. And I was surprised by the effects. It actually worked. For all of them, thanks for shipping so fast! I have no patience to wait, receiving the products right away is a must.

The wonders I found

The Lazarus brand revolves around the bespoken quality of its products, which they deliver every single time. The products are relatively less expensive compared to the other two brands, especially for high concentrations, which is consistent. The customer service is to die for, and the box arrives with little love notes, with thank you and a way to reach them early should something happen.

The spa, luxurious, minimalist feeling of the Mineral is beautiful, love the packaging, classy, clean, yummy. Just touching the vials provides an upscale experience. Did I forgot to mention, love your packaging! And, that little “Maison jar,” did wonders when I hurt my wrist, remarkable. Of course, my son loves this one, although he never tried, just because they are from Austin, where he goes to college.

“Feals” – In contrast to the other two, this brand feels so much younger and fun. Of course, they use orange throughout, who doesn’t want to try something with orange, the language of creativity, orange is indeed the new black.

The website is well done, simple, and useful. Love that they have an option to test the CBD concentration that works for you, before going all-in or order a large bottle that doesn’t work effectively for your need. “The First Flight” packaging is stunning. See the photos below.

Bottom line, you can catch the wave and follow trends, but your brand promise needs to come from a place of integrity, it is not just a pretty face, it’s an inside-out job. Furthermore, health is not something we can play with. And, better branding is good for business, it should not be overlooked after all the world must love it as much as you do.

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