A Brand-on-Tap designed to heal

A Brand-on-Tap designed to heal

A Brand-on-Tap designed to heal

Little I knew when we created the “Good Soul” Brand-on-Tap, that will end up belonging to my fav lady Dr. Erika Austin. We intuitively make these brands, knowing that they will find their rightful owner through the universe’s inner workings. Still, this one is such a right match on everything. My wildest dreams came true.

And, “Grief Awakening,” wouldn’t you agree this couldn’t be more timely? After picking up Bonzo’s memorial (my sweet boy that left us so suddenly), I remember driving through Albuquerque.

Thinking about my mom with COVID that I can’t visit, seeing closed stores, lights off, parking lots filled with enormous lines for Covid-19 testing instead of regular shoppers. How did we get here so fast, so dark, and dystopian? And Matt Damon is not coming to save us all, right?

In my own personal grief, the collective grieving, everyone is affected one way or another. But, as I learned from working in this brand and my 1-on-1’s

with Erika, “hurt happens but so does healing, create room for possibility.”

When I think about the “Grief Awakening” brand, do you know what comes to mind? Fawkes, Albus Dumbledore’s magical bird, symbolizing death and re-birth, rising from the ashes. Well, but it wasn’t appropriate for it. Grief awakening is the flow from grief to gratitude to grace.

Instead, we tapped into the natural seasons’ flow, from winter to spring to summer. We played with colors, creating a palette and photography mood-board for each step using nature’s transitions from blue, pink, and orange. And, of course, nothing better than a delicate and simple blossom to go along with it.

I couldn’t be more proud of Erika and what we created together. The brand is delicious to the eyes, isn’t it? Peaceful, graceful and, most of all, healing. See the full brand suite below.

We are sad to see this Brand-on-Tap go, but we know that it will connect with so many people to create meaningful, happy, and so much needed changes.

We have a beautiful collection of pre-made brands waiting for you. Take a look and choose the one speaking directly to your soul. Until the end of 2020, you’ll receive 40% off. See you there, and we can’t wait to create one for you! Let’s begin in 2021 with grace and greatness; your time is NOW! Learn more about the magic of a Brand-on-Tap.

CBD gets good branding from these businesses

CBD gets good branding from these businesses

CBD gets good branding from these businesses

photo by Robert Nelson at Unsplash

Our society has put some wrong, negative labels on mental illness, making it worse and preventing people from getting the help they need. So, in people with anxiety and depression disorders, the discomfort takes over, this is very real, you don’t recognize yourself, on top of the disease, you tend to feel “lesser and lesser.”

Please don’t be alone, reach out, connect, your life is too precious, and the world needs you. There’s always a solution, a way out, always. I know, you’re not alone, I’ve been there too often.

The anxiety world is not pretty, but you don’t need to hide it.

The truth is, if you are anxious, you’re suffering! Anxiety has a reason to exist, and the path to recovery is to know the “why’s” behind it. There’s no way around it. Your body and soul are signaling you to look deep.

When I started having panic attacks a few years ago, I was on the brink of severe burnout. When I look back, I now see that I was always looking behind my back, not feeling whole, trying to prove my worth through the

eyes and opinions of others, getting approval, being seen as a good, smart girl.

In short, I was hiding my true self and putting out in the world what others would accept best. That person was decently very dull at the time. I guess I wanted to be loved (who doesn’t, right?) for the wrong reasons and too scared to put my whole personality there, living my own story and human art.

By then, all doctors put me on crazy “traditional” medications, which made me feel much worse. I was desperate, not functioning correctly, seeing my life, relationships, career threading thin. I dumped all the medications and turned to holistic and integrative medicine, mixing western and eastern, and never looked back.

The world of plants are evolving for 450 million years, it’s time to embrace their intelligence and wisdom

Are you a plant medicine aficionado? Yes, I am raising my hand with you. Plant-based products are always my first choice when I am down with something, not too serious.

Of note, I believe that we can combine both alternative medicines and western for better health and planet. Health care must be healthy again, taking into account your unique body physiology and genetic composition.

In essence, we already have all the tools in place to do so, and we should start reconsidering our methods quickly. Also, I am not saying that you should use any of these products, consult your doctor, and together you’ll decide what the best options for you are.

Cannabis – an ode to a brilliant plant

I perhaps came into the CBD game late, but after a few friends star raving about its wonders, I finally start trying a few brands. I was particularly interested if it could help with my occasional anxiety episodes. Besides, since I frequently travel to Portugal, and jet-lag hits me hard, I hoped to solve both these issues naturally and organically.

Cannabidiol (aka CBD) products are all the rage nowadays, CBD is everywhere! A trend is in place, investment is high, and business and products are developed within the hour. In honor of the science nerd in me, I researched a bit to truly understand what was this all about and, let me tell you, I am impressed!

The Cannabis plant is brilliant!!!! All plants are, but seriously, I got high on this one!!!! CBD is one of over 100 chemical products found in it, maybe more that we still don’t know about. The potential for improving human health with little side effects is enormous, from pain relief, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, cancer-related symptoms, heart health, acne, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. Undoubtedly, more is yet to come.

Nonetheless, we still have a long way to go; the results on human health must be backed up by solid scientific research, and regulations put in place. There is the danger of the “CBD” movement becoming a hoax, a mill for unsafe, misleading products to grow, and we might end up not trusting it, not taking advantage of its real benefits. And we don’t want to miss this.

There’s always right in the world – a few brands are crushing it

Obscure business is taking advantage of the trend launching “hocus pocus” products. Lots of unsafe products out there already, which use low-quality ingredients that don’t fulfill their promises. Fortunately for us, reliable businesses are forging the path in the right way. They are taking the lead and the necessary steps to create brand trust, such as backing up their products with scientific evidence, research, and results.

So, I decided to try a few brands that were recommended by people I know and trust. Here they are, meet, Lazarus, Feals, and Mineral.

Truth to be told, for one reason or another, I enjoyed the experiences with all these three brands so far. They all offer premium products and go an extra mile to make you feel loved, with extra touches, these are powerful for brand loyalty and trust.

As reproducible concentration is an issue with CBD production, I ordered the products more than once, and all seem very consistent throughout. And I was surprised by the effects. It actually worked. For all of them, thanks for shipping so fast! I have no patience to wait, receiving the products right away is a must.

The wonders I found

The Lazarus brand revolves around the bespoken quality of its products, which they deliver every single time. The products are relatively less expensive compared to the other two brands, especially for high concentrations, which is consistent. The customer service is to die for, and the box arrives with little love notes, with thank you and a way to reach them early should something happen.

The spa, luxurious, minimalist feeling of the Mineral is beautiful, love the packaging, classy, clean, yummy. Just touching the vials provides an upscale experience. Did I forgot to mention, love your packaging! And, that little “Maison jar,” did wonders when I hurt my wrist, remarkable. Of course, my son loves this one, although he never tried, just because they are from Austin, where he goes to college.

“Feals” – In contrast to the other two, this brand feels so much younger and fun. Of course, they use orange throughout, who doesn’t want to try something with orange, the language of creativity, orange is indeed the new black.

The website is well done, simple, and useful. Love that they have an option to test the CBD concentration that works for you, before going all-in or order a large bottle that doesn’t work effectively for your need. “The First Flight” packaging is stunning. See the photos below.

Bottom line, you can catch the wave and follow trends, but your brand promise needs to come from a place of integrity, it is not just a pretty face, it’s an inside-out job. Furthermore, health is not something we can play with. And, better branding is good for business, it should not be overlooked after all the world must love it as much as you do.

Becoming the master of whole with Cosmicsmith

Becoming the master of whole with Cosmicsmith

Becoming the master of whole with Cosmicsmith

Of lately, my clients have been challenging me to create artsy brands, to live my art a bit more. It felt scary in the beginning. My limiting self-beliefs and fears made me freeze so many times in the past in regards to paint, drawing, and anything more artsy and creative.

Funny enough, it feels good not hiding behind Adobe Illustrator any longer and get my hands dirty with real pencils, pens, and paint. Stepping out of our comfort zone helps to know your limits and gifts a lot better.

We have so many options to be healthy and happy, it’s time to integrate them all

This hummingbird is delicious. It is the main icon of Cosmicsmith, an alternative coaching practice lead by Rhonda Smith. I love, love that more and more people are embracing alternative, holistic, and integrative medicine.

Maybe the answer to better human health is integrating the ancient wisdom created by nature and Western knowledge for a personalized approach to healing.

The one-size-fits-all that is not serving us any longer. We are so alike and at the same time so beautifully different, aren’t we? We are now armed with a toolkit that makes it possible, we know your genome, and we are still going deeper, research is coming out unveiling the power of plants, and much more. A delight!

Play like a hummingbird

Now, going back to the Cosmicsmith brand. The icon was inspired by the hummingbirds visiting our

backyard (always in a hurry, of course) during the summer.

You see, birds, to me, are about freedom. The hummingbird adds a few delicious details. It symbolizes the joy of life and being light and playful at the same time because life is hard and beautiful.

It reminds us we need to approach it with a brave heart, almost like a child, transforming negativity, and always expressing love. It calls for adaptation and resilience while still being playful.

The bright colors go well with the summer vibes, don’t they? And, the imperfect handwriting is there to tell that the journey of becoming is not linear, but in the end, you’re in your way to awesomeness, dare to start.

Following our both intuitive hints and creativity, the logo with all symbolism felt appropriate for Cosmicsmith. It resonated with Rhonda’s vision and mission. She is up to so much goodness; I witnessed as she was my coach.

Girl, what I learned about myself was life-changing! The fragile balance of light and shadow we all experience. The beautiful bless and mess of being human, imperfectly—a journey of self-love and self-acceptance. Enjoy the brand board and always be playful.

In Rhonda’s beautiful words:

“It is the ultimate art to take the song from one’s soul and turn it into a visual brand. Working with Olga was a spiritual experience. Together we co-created a beautiful brand and website, crafting the lens through which the world would see the mission that lives deep in my heart.

Olga Pontes is a genius at her profession. It was hard to put into words how we wanted our brand to look, however Olga listens intuitively and creates your brand from that space. The results are astounding. She guided us along the path and really helped us connect into the heart of our mission.

The cherry on top was the creation of the most incredible bee, which became an integral part of our logo. Working with Olga has the right mix of magic and medicine. To weave the mission into the brand so skillfully is an exceptional talent.

If you’re a mission based solopreneur or small company and are looking for the next level in your branding and visual story telling, look no further. Olga is the one for you.”

Three reasons why a Brand-on-Tap is for you!

Three reasons why a Brand-on-Tap is for you!

Three reasons why a Brand-on-Tap is for you!

Your brand is so much more than a pretty logo, a clever slogan, and a handful of catchy soundbites. Your business is your brand.

Your brand gives your business a voice, a personality, an identity, and a soul. It’s how your business communicates with the world around it through a language that transcends words and uses a visual vocabulary of colors, shapes, space, and semiotics.

Get your branding right, and you make instant headway with existing customers and new prospects alike. Your logo becomes a visual shorthand for the qualities and ideals that you want your business to embody. Get it wrong, however, and your business can fade into obscurity with the other also-rans clamoring to make their voices heard.

Get to know me. Get to know Brands-on-Tap

Before I can talk to you about Brands-on-Tap, I think it’s essential that we get to know one another. After all. The best branding is about personality and connection.

The fast-paced and competitive world of business, whether it takes place online or in the real world, tragically allows little room for genuine engagement.

As a personal brand, you want to avoid a barren landscape with a saccharine gloss of artificial personality that people can’t really engage with or relate to. But it can be different. It can be better. And

when you create the kind of branding that resonates with audiences and creates a genuine connection with them… you’ll find that lasting customer loyalty is the inevitable consequence.

Whether you’re looking for a brand overhaul, or simply shopping around for new ideas, here are 3 good reasons why Brand-on-Tap is for you.

1- It’s fast, headache and anxiety-free

You don’t want to wait around for results. Neither do you want to go back and forth endlessly, chewing on your nails as you wait for a new design to come through.

Brand-on-Tap is an experience designed with your needs in mind. I know how busy you are and how much of your time, effort, and attention you can reasonably be expected to spare on any given day.

Trust me to bring out the beauty in your brand without headaches and hassle.

2- It’s unique and customized to your unique personality and business having your audience in mind

There are no cookie-cutter approaches here. I won’t daub a coat of hipster-friendly gloss on your existing branding then disappear to count my money. I’ll always take the time to get to know your business and everything that makes it unique and beautiful. I customize all branding materials to suit your own unique voice and personality while also considering the needs, wants, and desires of your target audience.

3- Beauty and quality are not compromised

I use an advanced understanding of psychology and archetypes to help make your branding resonate with your audience. But that doesn’t mean I hold my work to anything but the highest standards. All the beauty and quality that make your brand stand out will shine through in the branding materials we create.

I bring personality and passion to your brand without compromising beauty and quality. After all, if people see the excellence in your branding, they’ll know to expect quality from your brand.

Let me see the beauty in your brand

Let’s make this clear. Brand-on-Tap isn’t about trying to mangle your brand to make it fit into a prefabricated mold of what I think a successful brand should look like. It’s about the open, expressive, and exciting collaboration between us. I’ll bring you my vision, experience, and passion for bearing on your business to create something of which we can both be proud.

For example, my thing has always been creating logos. I live and breathe them. I love to create them. I honestly even dream about them.

So many times, I’ll go for a walk with my dogs, and I see something that inspires me to create things. I see the beauty in the world around me, and branding ideas just pop up in my head, a bolt from the blue.

I want to work with you to show the world how beautiful you are. To let everything beautiful about your brand shine. No more uninspired branding cobbled together in less than an hour by some anonymous freelancer on Fiverr.

No more fumbling in the dark for the right kind of visual language for your brand. It’s time to align our visions and create a brand that has exactly the right kind of impact.

Beauty is everywhere. And it’s abundant in your business.

I see you.

A few samples of we can do for your brand are below.

The many hues of being hueman

The many hues of being hueman

The many hues of being hueman

I like to brainstorm my posts before I get started with my writing. I think it’s a good way to collect my thoughts, my inspirations and set the tone for my piece and my mindset.

So I started with Rumi. I was drawn to his poetry–his messages.

“We are the night ocean filled with glints of light.

We are the space between the fish and the moon, while we sit here together.

Which one is with more, a crowd of thousands, or your own genuine solitude?

Freedom or the power over the entire nation?

A little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given you.”

I love Rumi’s book, but it’s been years since I’ve plucked it off my shelves to be inspired by its pages.

However, this project with The Expanded Hueman brought me back to a familiar destination. You see, everything they do comes from a place of serendipity or synchronicity. It was a project that deeply moved me and connected with me on a spiritual level. The vision that this group of friends had really got me thinking about what it means to be a human being.

We’re All Made of Hues

The textbook definition of a hue is a color or shade, but it’s also been used to describe a character or aspect of one’s personality. Hues in color are created by dominant wavelengths, but every color is made up of the same components; hue, value and saturation. This is no different to how we can define humans, personalities and attitudes to life.

You see, we too are made up of different hues–no different to a rainbow. We color our personalities with hue, we have light and dark values, and we control our intensity through saturation. We are, by definition, huemans. By embodying these concepts of true wholeness through our mind, spirit and body, we can expand on these aspects and push ourselves across the spectrum to learn where our future personal development truly lies.

This is what it means to be a hueman–someone that is aware of all the variables that color our personalities and how we can individually control them to change the way we are perceived in the public eye.

The Many Hues of Your Brand Identity

People often think of brands as being a static, unchangeable thing. However, it’s far from the truth. Brands can change, adapt and alter themselves as needed. It’s as conceptually simple as changing your own hue and understanding that your business is a palette of gradients. That’s why many companies go through resigns, rebrands and ultimately restructure themselves. The hard part is establishing yourself in the beginning, finding a base palette to being with experimenting with different hues.

That’s why this project with The Expanded Hueman was so exciting. We didn’t start with just one or even three primary brand colors. In fact, the palette was a rainbow of gradients, each with their own personalities, history, and stories to tell. This was a far cry from my past work. It was an opportunity to learn something new, to start something different and alter the workflow process to be something unique, organic and expressive.

In short, it was a chance to break the rules!

There are many preconceived rules that we follow when it comes to brand design. Experts write books, they become outdated, then others echo those outdated sentiments and we end up stuck in a loop of unoriginality. I took the less-walked path with this project, forging my own path to stay consistent with the message that The Expanded Hueman wanted to portray.

Designing a Logo For Expansion

Unlike many of my past projects, designing the logo for The Expanded Hueman was a real scientific challenge full of inspirations, dreams and a touch of intuition. The logo fonts are custom-designed sans-serif fonts. They were inspired by a vision from Rhonda Smith and an intuitive hint from my own past experiences. Using this as a base, we continued to tweak the font until it surpassed all previous iterations. It needed to be special, it had to stand out and it needed to reflect The Expanded Hueman perfectly.

The icon itself was no different. We started with a vision of what we wanted, a hue that we had defined during the early brainstorming stages of the project. As time went on we allowed the hue to shift. Adapting to each of our gifts and our intuition, pouring our personal experiences and ideas into the project. While our first hypothesis was incorrect, we quickly reformed and used a different iteration as our base to once again build upon. If it didn’t look, feel or sound right, we changed it again.

At the end of a long creative process, we arrived at our new destination; an icon that consists of a bee and a rose. The expansion and growth of one’s brand, the pollination of new audiences, the spreading of ideas–these are concepts that are unanimous with both The Expanded Hueman and bees. It’s symbolic of the message that the company wants to spread. Bees are an icon of order, diligence, immortality and also collaboration. They’ve even associated with royalty, treating their leader as the Queen of their hive. The ancient Druids saw the bee as a symbol of the sun, the Goddess, community and celebration. It has a close relationship with The Expanded Hueman and their message, their ideas and their process.

On the other hand, the rose is a symbol of passion and perfection. It triggers thoughts of themes such as divinity, Goddesses, fertility, virginity, desire, secrecy and even beauty. It’s mysterious, yet drives us insanely curious due to its beauty and its patterns.

Your Identity as a Hueman

Huemans aren’t pre-defined, preconceived or manufactured. Huemans evolve, they adapt and their gradients shift as often as the winds. To truly expand your brand and personalize it, understanding the concepts of The Expanded Hueman and how we change to fit our surroundings can help you see things from a different perspective. See all the cute details here.

Are you in the entrepreneur health rut?

Are you in the entrepreneur health rut?

Are you in the entrepreneur health rut?

I’ll start again on Monday.
I’ll start again on the first of the month.
I’ll wait until Christmas/Thanksgiving/pick your holiday is over.

The entrepreneur rut of health and wellness

So many excuses. So many reasons to not start over. When you are tired of your diet, your workout plan, your impact on your health, you will always find reasons to do something new, while self-sabotaging your plans. It’s what we humans do when we’re busy. We get lazy with our health, and before you know it, you hate the way your body looks and feels.

You’re feeling sluggish, out of sync, and bloated. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to stay healthy, you’re eating well and you’re working out, then someone suggests some tacos/nachos, which then leads to cocktails. And cocktails lead to 1 am hangover food. So, you spend the weekend eating and recovering (McDonald’s now delivers, FYI), and you say, “I’ll start again on Monday.”

Then, during the week, if things are not running smoothly, as a home-based Entrepreneur, I live close to a fridge, cravings, and stress can be your enemy. That’s my story, too; it’s a rut of health and wellness. It is hard.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Robin

Here’s the thing. Jim Robin has it right. You get one body, which means you get one shot to live a long, healthy, and active life. It’s your choice to feed your body greasy foods that have a knock-on effect on your self-worth and self-esteem, or it’s your choice to live a nutritionally balanced life with plenty of water, sleep, and exercise.

The keywords there: your choice. And, it can include a bit of mindful indulgence too, once in a while (hello, chocolate, I am looking at you). No one can make those decisions except you, and this feeds into every avenue of your life.

Your Brand deserves nothing but you

The truth is that you are you’re a brand, how you came to be who you are right now? That’s your branding. It’s the compelling personal story that puts you into the world so you can shine your light wherever you go. Without the connection between mind, body, and soul, you can feel disconnected from your own story in the most authentic voice that you have.

We’ve all been there. We need a jolt, a shock, a push to get it together and be the person we are SUPPOSED to be, not the one we wish we were. When it happens, when you slip and fall down, your confidence is knocked. If that occurs as part of your personal story, you end up bringing that fall, that confidence hit, into your business. And that just will not do. I’ll let you in on a little secret: it does not have to be this hard. Life is only as hard as you make it, and while there is very little you can control about life – such as climate change, the economy going to pot, the fact that Cadbury’s chocolate tastes vile now – you CAN control the way you treat your body.

Hungryroot: Recharge, Refocus, Return

There are plenty of healthy choices around in the world in front of you, but when you find Hungryroot, you’ll see the benefits of looking for something new. It can assist you with recharging and refocusing, returning happily to the life of energy and sass that you love the best. You can enjoy yourself better, be a better version of yourself, and do it with enthusiasm. Hungryroot is a business that relies on high standards with its plant-based magic.

They offer branding that remains fun, elegant, and enticing, and the products that they have on offer are as holistic and nutritious as they come. With their brand comes encouragement,

and if you encountered a brand that promised holistic healing on the inside and out while providing you with little notes of motivation in the packaging, wouldn’t you be sold??

Finding a company that cares about your health not only makes you feel instantly secure and willing to learn more, but it takes strength to care about your health, too. Hungryroot is a brand of fresh and easy to prepare foods, and they want to help you to make it convenient and straightforward. Healthy meals don’t have to be challenging to make, and you deserve the very best for your health. They want to inspire you to eat better, which will lead to you feeling better. They taste test their own food, which means that you can guarantee that you’re going to enjoy delicious, clean-eating food products that you’ll feel from top to toe. And, did I mentioned that you add more ingredients and mix and match? More points by nurturing your creativity, it is fun!

Hungryroot makes everything as plant-centric as possible, with no funky names that you cannot pronounce. Their brand message is precisely what you need when you’re stuck in a health rut, and it’s going to be something that will fill you with only the good stuff, and none of the processed. And, not even mention the time saved on shopping, priceless! It’s time to embrace your health: are you ready? Hungryroot is!

PS: I don’t take recommending a brand lightly; I love this stuff. Give it a try here and received use the custom promo code 25OFF2OLGA and receive $25 off two boxes ($50 off total!). Neat!

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