Life stories around the table at Los Poblanos

Life stories around the table at Los Poblanos

Life stories around the table at Los Poblanos

Last month, we celebrated our wedding 20th anniversary. As I sit here writing, going down the memory lane, everything seemly goes by so fast, so many experiences lived.

Twenty years is almost half my life, mostly happy. If you think that building your own business is a journey of self-growth, becoming, well… How about marriage and love? It gets beautiful, it gets ugly, and I will leave it at that!

This is a big deal for me. My parents’ divorce was not pretty (if any is for that matter) and left behind a few wounds regarding self-confidence and self-love.

Nevertheless, here we are. I am grateful to Pedro, who helped re-wire my feelings and emotions around this subject, never gives up on me. Love the beautiful life we built together!

Embrace the unexpected

You have an important date to celebrate. You make plans. You pick gifts and experiences, a cute outfit,

you set up expectations, then… things don’t turn precisely how’d you imagined. Life happens, right?

Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the land where it is sunny all year round, who’d guess that exactly when we are going out for dinner, a massive (for Albuquerque standards, of course) snowstorm would start?

Nothing like our wedding day, cold but sunny, and the following honeymoon in Tulum, Mexico. Nope, this year, we were surprised by snow. Lots of it!

I sigh as I look at my family, for a moment, I didn’t want to go out–I love Spring and Summer, warm weather and sunshine. I resisted the urge of staying inside I put my wonder woman cape (after all this is a big deal for me), and despite the not so good weather forecast and without knowing how the conditions would stand for safe traveling, off we went!

Baby, it’s warm inside.

Once inhabited by Ancestral Pueblo peoples, Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic farms is a place like no other here in Albuquerque. It is not only known by the inebriating lavender fragrances and ravishing fields, but it’s where you can eat OMG so delicious farm-to-table food. In a nutshell, it’s the nirvana for all senses.

Once we arrive, we didn’t regret coming all that way with nasty weather conditions. Outside was quiet, we could only hear the sound of the snow falling, which was slowly settling on the ground, and the lavender fields becoming a peaceful white blanket.

Our stories around the table

Inside, we totally forgot what was going on the outside. The ritual of sitting down a table to eat it is as much as culture as it in our DNA. It as a way of establishing a human connection, gather experiences, conversations happening. That is what Los Poblanos provided that day.

Not forgetting about the food & drinks, we never know what to pick as everything sounds like heaven. Still, we settled by the one of a kind Lavender 99 and the Campo margarita–more future celebrations are needed to taste everything on the menu. And, don’t get me started with the starters, Aguachile, Ash-Roasted Vegetable Tostada & the Blue Corn Hushpuppies are all out of this world.

As the meal continued, the entres picked–the Mole Amarillo and the Lamb Pibil Pappardelle were eaten very fast that day; the conversations turned to the people serving us. The water lady (as she called herself) was from Guatemala and has a son of Fran’s age. You know, parents always love to talk about their kids. The other lady loves cats and was dying to play in the snow after her shift ended.

In the course of a simple meal, you feel the mood changing; people start relaxing and opening up, creating warmness on such a cold day. All senses and love coming together. The metamorphosis, we don’t feel the same, and maybe we aren’t.

Create & delight with Esther Loke

Create & delight with Esther Loke

Create & delight with Esther Loke

Esther was possibly the first person to help me grow my business on social media. I​ owe that much. She is kind, easy-going and behind that sweet smile​​ is a strong woman that supports​ your business expansion, never lets you doubt​ your own capability to just do it, actionable​ advice, and tough love.

She loves her business and does what she does because: “I know this is what I absolutely love to do, it makes me happy and allows me to make an impact on the lives of others ☺.”

You’re going to love her, a bit (because there’s so much we can cover,​ and she is enormous) of Esther is below.

I am
An entrepreneur, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a friend and a connector.

I’m not
I am not someone who conforms.

Your essential word

What your favorite word means to you
Happiness, a celebration, excitement!

Your favorite quote
Why fit in when you were born to stand out? -Dr. Seuss

Your favorite object
Books and lip balm.

I’m amazed by
All the entrepreneurs and my mentors around me who chase their dreams unapologetically and relentlessly.

Art that has moved me
Movies, films and Shakespeare – they tell stories that grips and warms my heart all at the same time.

I am hardest on myself
When I try to be perfect. But, I have learned​ that I can never be perfect and that’s okay ☺ .

My form of exercise
Yoga and Blogilates!

Your soul craves
Chocolate 😉

I feel uncomfortable about money
When I think about the lack of it. I prefer to see it as a choice. We all have a choice to make more if we want to. We just have to choose.​

Esther’s Bio

I am a marketing strategist for entrepreneurs. I help both women and men create thriving businesses and be seen as leaders in their field so they can create a life where they always have the time and flexibility to be there for their families.

My business and vision was inspired by my late mum. She quit her job to take care of me and my brothers full-time and was always there for us and for every important even in our lives. But her only regret was that she couldn’t contribute financially to the family because she didn’t have a job. So there were times where finances were tight. 

I want to be just like my mum but also do what she always desired – to be there for my future kids and also create a thriving business so I can create a life I desire for myself and for my family. AND also give back to my community and causes close to my heart. 

I’m passionate about marketing (naturally ;)), skincare and reading. My big dream is to support women and girls in developing Asian countries to ​build businesses so they can leverage their skills & talents to contribute financially to their families.

When minimalism meets the abstract

When minimalism meets the abstract

When minimalism meets the abstract

Instagram is one of the best platforms for visual artists, for sure. And, Isabella thrives in there with her creativity and beauty, experimenting, connecting, fun. But who is she, the artist inside beyond the posts?

A powerful woman, strong beliefs, and enchantment​. ​In her own words: “I like to build from nothing. I love the idea of ​​the project, to put each piece in its place. I love the most difficult challenges, those where you do not easily win.”

Boom, in love. Are you​ with me?

How Isabella Lives Her Art:

I am
I am a solid person, happy and passionate about my work.
I see white or black. I am very demanding with myself, and with others.

Sensitive and attentive to what surrounds me, nothing escapes me … unfortunately. I am true and loyal.

What I’m not
I am not a conditionable person, I love to have my opinion, and then I can change it, but I like to decide and think with my head. I am not a compromising person who is on the side of the strongest. I’m not superficial

Cherished means
I love to build stories and to tell them in every detail, I use visual and graphic art a lot. I think that the lines, the images and the colors have a very strong communication ability. Photograph, and then manipulate the photos that show even what is not there!

Artists that moved me
First Monet, followed by Kandinsky and abstraction in general. I also love the works and projects of some historical designers like Munari and Sottsass.

I don’t have enough of
Narcissists, exalted. Of the incapable who occupy the positions of power. To still see women and children die in wars.

Culture is
An attitude towards life that you learn as a child and for which you must have an innate predisposition. I do not necessarily associate it with books and studies. It is open-minded and you are forced to be a free person.

I don’t tolerate
Arrogance and hidden presumption in the form of false humility. The appearances.

What I would wear for the rest of my life
Men’s trousers and sneakers.

If I start a revolution
I’ll finish it. I fight only those battles for which it is worth fighting, do not waste energy in those useless. The revolution that I would start, and that in my little practical, is to free women from male judgment.

My gift to the world
A few years ago I would not have been able to answer, now I’m not sure, but I hypothesize that I could give harmony, harmony is a word very used but little practiced.

Harmony in the things I do, harmonic projects that can help others find pleasure and inspiration. A smile, a word, a conversation, even with whom I meet from the baker.

The most beautiful words that they told me and that I probably said were unknown people


Isabella Disanto, artist, ​and designer. Art Director e Communication Consultant – Interior, design,​ Visual artist Founder and creative​ director of Lotoproject I am almost 44 years old. Studied industrial design and master in interior design in Milan (SPD).

I worked for more than fifteen years in Italian companies in the design / interior design sector (Natuzzi, Calligaris) as a ​creative and product manager. At 40 I decided to be a freelance.

Now in parallel I founded my own Brand, Lotoproject, in which I would like to make people use products (fashion accessories) to products for the home (objects, digital works) but everything must necessarily tell a story, each collection a story told with all the languages ​​that I love: visual art, photography, vide, colors, lifestyle … The codes of this brand are originality, nonconformity.

Instagram: @lotoproject
Personal Instagram: @ibecolor
Linkedin​: Isabella Disanto

Follow your dreams & find true inner beauty

Follow your dreams & find true inner beauty

Follow your dreams & find true inner beauty

What is true beauty to you? Is it having the perfect skin or the perfect makeup? Or is it something more substantial like the radiant beauty of our full being? 

The times we live in have changed. You can feel it the air. The old ways of abusing Mother Nature and her precious animals is coming to an end. Once again, people are starting to realize that real beauty begins with a lifestyle choice – to become a better person. 

Our consciousness has risen above our old thoughts, and we are here, together, as humans, non-humans, and the precious planet earth.

Together we can accomplish any task and tackle any obstacle. To do this, we must nurture, preserve, and take care of everyone, as a whole.

For too long, the multi-billion dollar beauty industry has thrived on the suffering of others. Many of these companies are guilty of using unethical practices, such as animal testing, to keep you looking “beautiful.”

It’s gotten so bad that many of the products we depend on to stay beautiful instead damage our bodies in ways we couldn’t imagine. 

We aren’t fools any longer. We recognize the destruction created, and we now know better. Thankfully there are some bold brands, like SENOVU, that take a stand and push this positivity to the forefront.

Angelica – The Princess of Passion

To understand SENOVU, you must take a look at its founder Angelica. Angelica has always been passionate about nature. After all, this is a woman that follows all the incredible physical and spiritual benefits one can achieve by connecting with the Earth. This core belief co-exists harmoniously, inspiring Angelica to seek out the most natural and healthiest products available.

In the true spirit of giving, Angelica offers her followers a glimpse into her healthy lifestyle. Through a combination of insight, experience, and love, she guides lost individuals back towards a sustainable existence. Her years of research and helpful explanations provide you with the motivation you need to make that much-needed upgrade in your life.

SENOVU’s Mission

SENOVU’s primary goal is to show you can enjoy a healthier and rewarding lifestyle only by making a few fundamental changes in how you look at the world. She explains to you the damage done when you neglect the environment.

This negative energy affects you on all planes, including physically, spiritually, and mentally. Angelia teaches you to master your mind first. Once you are thinking clearly, your physical and spiritual attributes also fall in line.

Using organic products is a crucial step in this transformation. It symbolizes shedding off of the old ways of doing things and embracing a newfound purpose moving forward. It’s about understanding the big picture, acknowledging there is much more to the universe than just your desires. It’s about finding yourself.

In other words, you can’t find the meaning of life until you give it meaning. Angelica is the master at guiding us lost souls back to happiness.

Angelica, living her art

I am
I am Colombian and Australian. Born in Colombia raised in Australia. I am passionate about inner and outer beauty, growth, and self-love.
I believe every woman and man should not have to deprive their health of beauty that contains harsh chemicals.
I believe in self-education about what is in our products so that we can make better choices for our skin health and our environment. I think in the abundance of nature to provide a solution to most skincare concerns.

What I am not
I am not a dishonest person, I do not like holding grudges. I strongly believe in the force of energy and our thoughts. You get what you give and forgiving and letting go gives me a sense of peace. I am not perfect. I also have my flaws, and I am a constant working in progress and eager to inspire others and bring out the best in each person.

Fun means
Exploring other beautiful and exotic cultures, traveling, meeting new people, being in the present moment, no matter where you are in the world what you’re doing or who you’re with. I’ve learned ( and still learning ) that to really enjoy a moment, someone special or a thing you really have to be really all there and this means your mind is not wandering to the past or future. Being present and grateful brings joy, it’s an ongoing practice as we all face daily challenges, but it is possible. 

I secretly love
So many things! Where do I start? I secretly love having time to myself. I personally love quantum physics, believing in the power of the mind and knowing that everything is made up of energy. I love organic food and products, although it is not a secret anymore my family always tease me about this haha.

My sacred space
Clovelly beach. When the ocean is calm, the water is clear and not too cold, the sun is out, and the wind is gentle, to me this is a perfect day to go for a swim connect with the ocean, all by myself. 

I would hate living
I do not like using the word hate. However, I would not like living in the middle of the city, too much pollution and congestion.

My tribe is
My partner, my family, and close friends. Who have supported me in different ways and who have always believed in my dreams.

My wildest dreams
What is wild, haha? I’ve got a lot of dreams; one would be to travel as much as I can. Buy our mum a house, inspire and impact as many people as I can, become a philanthropist. Make a global impact!

Beauty is
The most important concept of beauty is inner confidence, whether that is a constant work in progress; you cannot cover up an ugly attitude or mindset. Just to mention a few qualities, beauty is compassionate, kindness, authenticity, honesty, a sense of humor, someone who laughs and enjoys his/her journey no matter how hard it gets, believing in oneself, generosity, ambitious and a dream chaser. Outer beauty is a bonus, and I believe looking after yourself health-wise, and skin wise is the best gift you can give yourself and our environment. 


Angelica is a professional skincare specialist. She is licensed in beauty therapy and skin needling. Currently, Angelica resides in Sydney, Australia. She has a Colombian background. Notably, Angelica is very passionate about natural and organic skincare products that are safe and do not contain harsh chemicals. 

At a young age, she suffered adult acne. Thankfully, with her natural skincare regime and healthy eating choices, she combatted her acne and other skincare concerns, which in return inspired her to create SENOVU.


Inspiring women globally – meet Christina Dunbar

Inspiring women globally – meet Christina Dunbar

Inspiring women globally – meet Christina Dunbar

I vividly remember the first time I discovered Christina Dunbar’s thought-provoking performances.

It was a typical evening; complete with your Netflix shows and long timeline scrolls. Who would have ever thought that that day I would encounter an artist with so much passion that it would instantly ignite a fiery desire in my soul?

My First Encounter

I first came across Christina in a random Facebook post. The post caught my attention in a way that was different from the usual chuckles experienced when passing the time on social media.

The post described Christina Dunbar’s desire to kick start her one-woman show “Dirty Me Divine.” The post included a brief description of the show and some accompanying artwork to keep readers engaged.

Touching My Soul

Instantly I was overcome with a feeling of power entering my body. It was as if her artwork had reached

into the depths of my soul. I can remember thinking to myself “This woman is doing some kickass art. Everything about it was so bold, courageous, and inspirational. I was awestruck.”

As I continued my research on this unique individual, I was surprised to learn that Cristina is not only a performer but also coaches women’s healing. Her classes help women gain a sense of pride. They include subjects such as being rogue, and how to embrace your full creative potential. Most importantly, Christina focuses on the healing process.

I Must Work With Her to help spread her message

At that moment I was overcome with only one thought – “I HAD to design her websites.” And, so we did.

The experience was intense and beautiful. We laughed together, we cried, together, most importantly, we unleashed our creative juices to break the rules and create two gorgeous digital pieces of art, aka, websites.

In retrospective, the whole process went far beyond a simple design. We told Cristina’s epic story. We delved deep into our souls and got in touch with that unique inner core that every artist dreams of showcasing to the world. Together, we shared her life experiences in a visual way that is as authentic at Christina herself. This project was a full expression of her soul, without any distractions.

My Inspiration

Since discovering this amazing woman, Christina has been an endless source of inspiration for me. She helped to show me that divinity is the expression of yourself, through your art, while embracing your vulnerability.

Ever since we met, I’ve witnessed Christina doing just that, putting herself out there for the betterment of all women. Currently, she offers a variety of programs:

• She takes the Stage – This program is a mentorship to activate your voice, visibility, and artistry by writing and performing your story.

• RED – This workshop is a performance workshop space, creative think-tank, and sisterhood circle for female artists + performers.

• Miss-behave – In this show, Christina highlights stories we’re not supposed to talk about. Here she exposes the reality of life in LA.

• Dirty me Divine – This is Christina’s latest program. In this show, she takes her talents to the next level and proves that she is the master of the “one-woman show.”

I suspect that the next stop for Christina is THE UNIVERSE, but she will never stop. I think she summed up her artistic style perfectly in her own words – “She Is Divinity in Motion.”

How Christina lives her ART:

I am
A soul that wants to express and feel and love and commune.

What I’m not
Someone that associates with any one group or circle of people.

Essential word

Your favorite quote
“I want to be all used up when I die” (George Bernard Shaw)

Your favorite human
Uhm, oooh, I don’t have one… so many humans I love, there is no favorite, but I will say that my most precious group of beloveds include my husband, my sister, and her kids, my mama, my papa, and my small circle of witchy artist women that see me and get me fully.

Things I love
The smell of flowers in the spring, the sound of poetry, the taste of cinnamon and chocolate, the feeling of bliss and flow.

Your soul craves

Art that has moved me
First thing that comes to mind: words of Audrey Lorde.

My favorite flower
Roses. I buy them for myself weekly.

Greatest accomplishment
Loving myself enough to face my fear of being more; more visible, more vocal, and more confident in myself as an Artist. Putting up my one-woman show is one of my greatest achievements.

Movies that have defined me
I will never ever forget watching Beasts of The Southern Wild. At the time that I saw it, my father’s death was a fresh wound in my body and this movie, which is pure poetry magic, cut me deep. I sat in the theatre and sobbed (like ugly cry sobbed) as I watched parts of it. I wanted to scream and just let the pain out of my body. It was beautiful and heart-breaking. It was cathartic. It was healing. It allowed me to grieve. It was about life and death and nature and the imagination of a little girl, and it was exquisite.

Sacred is
This life is sacred to me. I am always searching for how to feel the most alive, create adventure, embrace and trust the unknown, connect to nature, love harder, feel it all, nurture what makes my heart sing and make this precious life of mine feel like a work of art.

Most ridiculous purchase that I ever made
I went to go see the same PINK concert twice in two different states. Not sure if this is ridiculous, but it was the first thing that came to mind. And it was totally worth it for my artist soul.

My idea of a disastrous first date
It’s been so long since I went on a first date!! But I kinda feel like I go on dates when I meet new people and the worst is when someone has on that mask: trying to impress or angle. I need depth. And comedy. I love layers and vulnerability and soul to soul connection. That’s how I roll, so anything surface doesn’t do it for me.

What’s working on my wardrobe
I’m into accessories. Bold rings and dark nail polish are my things right now.

All images are from Pinterest.


A Galactic superstar of Divine inspiration birthed into a world of conformity, she has escaped to the universe of creativity. Now a fugitive and outspoken performance junkie; addicted to truth-freaking and story-telling. A lover of sisterhood, liberating badassery by example.

Christina Dunbar is an actress, poet, and performer who’s been called “sexy, soulful, and funny all rolled into one.” As a sought-after spoken word artist and speaker she’s been featured on Business Heroine, Girl Talk HQ, and Awaken The Rebel LIVE.

When Christina isn’t performing, she’s mentoring other artists and messengers. Christina is the creator of She Takes The Stage, a program for women ready to step into the spotlight with their story. She has produced and directed shows that have graced the Bootleg, Whitefire and CAP theaters in LA. For more on Christina and how to work with her check

Stories by people: Eman Zabi

Stories by people: Eman Zabi

Stories by people: Eman Zabi

Do you know the entrepreneurship rollercoaster? Doing busy work, no time for self-care, almost burning out?

Yep, this was my last year, the cycle was faster than usual, all was falling behind, without relief at sight. I needed reliable help to get back on track, like yesterday. I was so lucky to have found Eman Zabi at the Scribesmith!

Let me tell you a huge secret: she is a rockstar! I worked with her in refining the social media content I was putting out of the world. This was incredible support, helping to focus my business brand voice and message without killing personality and style.

What I love about Eman is that she’s immensely creative and her approach is down to earth, structured, almost scientific, cutting through the BS and getting what matters done.

I often wondered if she has a magic ball, more times than I can count I could say she literally read my mind.

Eman not only is exceptionally professional but there’s a feeling of adventure in her. She loves the outdoors, nature, climbs mountains, travels around the world and then pours her heart in writing stories about it.

Can you feel her love for adventure right away? She’s living it!!!!!

More about Eman below.

I am
I like to think of myself as an adventurer-seeker! I’m always game to try new things and explore new places!

What I’m not
I’m not a city-person or even one for crowds. There’s nothing I love more than a fresh breeze and the wide open sky.

Your essential word

What your essential words means to you

A mountain is such an awe-inspiring example of nature’s power. They represent so much: beauty, dynamism, challenge, and achievement. Mountains also hold a special meaning for me after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in 2015.

Blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of other things went into that climb. And, it’s what keeps me going when I’m feeling demotivated. I tell myself I climbed the highest free-standing mountain in the world, I can take whatever life throws at me.

Your soul’s quote
This is such a difficult question for me! As someone who is always reading and writing, I can never pick a favorite, I literally have a notebook filled with quotes I’ve scribbled down over the years.

I’m going to cheat and give you a few of my favorites:

“If they could make penicillin out of mold, imagine what they could make out of you.” – Muhammed Ali

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” -Mark Twain

“Mountains are not Stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion.” -Anatoli Boukreev.

Your favorite object
A friend of mine brought a ‘Necklace of Courage’ for me from South Africa. And a handmade leather wallet with the quote: “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

I hate:
Racism, sexism, and the patriarchy?

I feel cherished
When the people around me remember the little stuff. For example, when my sister sends me every bunny picture she sees because she knows how much I love rabbits. Or the way my parents never hesitate to share and spread the word about my writing business. Or when my best friend, Nada, always lets me have the booth when we eat out because I like them better. It’s always the little stuff that shows you that people care.

My guilty pleasure
Hot, crispy fries covered in oodles of gooey cheese. While TV. Oh my goodness.

My dream home
I grew up in the Middle East, so somewhere with grass, and lots of trees, with crisp, cool air.

I’d wear to the academy awards
Either Gwyneth Paltrow’s white cape dress from the 2012 Oscar’s or Emma Stone’s two-toned pink crop top and skirt look from the 2014 MetaGala.


I’m a writer, a traveller, a poli-sci grad, a martial art aficionado (artist sounds excessive) and drinker of copious amounts of tea.

Reading and writing have been lifelong passions of mine. I read my first book at the age of 2, it was a thrilling tale about a bear, his ball and the sneaky rabbit that lived next door. A love of reading and a distrust of hares was born, and I haven’t looked back since.

My passion for language eventually grew into The Scribesmith, and here we are! What I love the most about being a copywriter is getting to make real connections with people and working with them to find words that do justice to their thoughts, feelings, and aspirations.

I get to do the thing I love most every single day, work from wherever I please (usually my bed!), and honestly, I couldn’t be happier!


Twitter: @eman_zabi

The Scribesmith

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