Stories Worth Sharing September 2020

Stories Worth Sharing September 2020

Stories Worth Sharing September 2020

Feed Your Soul

During the lockdown, I discovered Sakara Life and couldn’t be more grateful. The motto “eat clean play dirty” speaks to me, and I believe food is a gateway for many human needs. Not only to heal your body but also your mind and soul, especially the latter. Here are a few things worth trying.

I am in love with these Foods to Unlock the most powerful you.

Music is always inspiring and grounding, to heal the soul and quiet the mind, aka the Zen State-of-Mind.

And, how about self care? Even if your routines work, always good to learn new perspectives that potentially Boost what we have sometimes.

Feed Your Mind

Do you have a love-hate relationship with social media? Me too, regardless of the platform I use and love for connection with clients, friends, and family. I get tired of social media often; there’s so much my brain can take. I only use two, Instagram and Pinterest, and always as a grain of salt. And unplug one or two days per week.

In the documentary Social Dilemma on Netflix, some excellent questions are asked, and solutions are provided. Social media is relatively new, using old marketing tactics in a whole different way. Being aware and critical thinking is a must. Check out the trailer.

Feed Your Body

In the same post, I am sharing all the way healthy food and then comfort foods? Nope, I am not going mad. Sometimes we need a break; comfort is everything we need, especially in the fall and winter. The recipes from Eating Well are astounding and totally possible to make at home.

Stories Worth Sharing August 2020

Stories Worth Sharing August 2020

Stories Worth Sharing August 2020

Feed Your Soul

In this conversation, Yo-Yo Ma talks about his experience and the immense healing power of Music. It is so true.

Kristin Lin of “The On Being Project” writes this excerpt from what Ma said after 9/11 in her newsletter, and it’s beautiful. “Music will be the way that we will come together, because we’re asserting ourselves as a community, as a people, as a city, as whatever. And we need to be together.”

The whole interview is here. Enjoy!

Feed Your Mind

As a scientist and a designer entrepreneur, I love these lists of black business owners. And, yes, and black scientists too. We must support them as there’s not much representation or visibility in these fields, to create a much needed and real change.

A list of black-owned design business created by Dwell is here.

A list of black female entrepreneurs created by Create and Cultivate, check it out here.

A list of black scientists to acknowledge as they make the world understandable and a better place, learn more here.

Feed Your Body

I’ve been following Heidi for so many years and have all her books. And she has a new book coming up next year that I surely won’t miss.

This woman is a powerhouse, inspiring you to think differently about what you eat and how you eat it. I’ve been challenging myself to get my old, manual pasta machine out and try it again.

Go to her website and just have fun!

Home made pasta recipes

I will then try these new recipes, to create a perfect food day of food.

Watermelon Raspberry bowl

Vegan Sushi

Dinner with friends

Steaming vegetables

Vegetarian Poke bowl

Tomato Sourdough Soup

Peace Love Dip

Summer Berry Crisp

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